Traditional seats are perhaps the best massage

Different people have different requirements when they are receiving massage therapies.Meanwhile, mechanical massage chairs are made with electronic motors and gears that could mimic different kinds of human-induced massage strokes and have different levels of intensity. Standard or traditional massage seats are highly portable and are structured with adjustable seats, padded platform that appropriately support the chest, shins and arms of clients as well as padded face cradles. Despite these associated drawbacks however, many clients now prefer using these equipments because they are capable of reaching several pressure points at the same time without the need for clients to change their positions as these seats could be adjusted in different positions and does not totally require the help of therapists. Such massage equipments are inexpensive and lightweight, thereby making them mobile and allowing you to carry them around in public venues to facilitate your business. Contrary to traditional massage seats that are portable and inexpensive, mechanical massage seats usually have premium price tags on them and they are generally big and bulky, which in turn makes them slightly immobile and could only be used in certain locations as they demand extensive transport labor due to their weight and size in case they are needed to be transferred from one location to another. Actually, there are two basic types of massage seats Wholesale single phase motors available in the market today: standard or traditional and mechanical or robotic.If you are a therapist or perhaps a businessman who would like to have your own massage business, procuring the best massage chair units in the market is your main goal in order to make sure that you prospective clients would receive the best massage service they deserve.

Traditional seats are perhaps the best massage chair units to accompany professional massage practitioners that would like to have their own massage business because they are excellent tools to exemplify and market their massage skills, great equipments to educate numerous people about the importance of regular massage sessions, and ideal first exposure for people who hold misconceptions about human-touch massage therapies. Basically, traditional massage seats are employed to position the client where his or her muscles could naturally relax for the most part; however, this isn’t always the case as inferior massage seats are poorly built and have adjustment problems. They are also easy to set up and adjust, which translates to lesser time incurred for assembling and more time for serving clients.

Robotic massage seats could work well for people who would like to have their own massage business but are not really adept with massage therapy. But, if you’re relatively new in the market, chances are, you’ll be having a hard time figuring out which massage seats would correspond to your laid business plan. Some clients have specific massage positions and demands physical assistance, while others would like to have a therapist that could understand and manage their physiological needs. If you position your client in an “overflexed- or too forward position, his spine muscles and neck extensor muscles are more likely to become reactively tensioned due to the nervous system to avoid him from farther falling forward; if his arms are positioned too forward, too inferior or too far medial the same result would happen to his external rotator and retractor muscles which could not be remedied alone by further massaging. Good thing massage chairs were invented; seated massage is now possible to receive even while wearing one’s clothes on.

There are abundant mechanical massage seat models available in the market today, which makes it a bit difficult to choose which brand to use unlike traditional massage seats that somewhat have uniformed structure. Similarly, limited massage strokes could be administered since you won’t be able to fully gain access to your clients lower body parts as they are in a seated position. These two massage equipments vary in many aspects, which is why it would be imperative to look at their characteristics, benefits and drawbacks to properly point out which among the two would suit your business.

The issues of traditional massage chairs are often associated on client positioning and limited massage strokes that could be induced. This is because this type of massage seats have pre-programmed or programmable digital controls that permit clients to choose their desired massage sequence and intensity. But, with the myriads of requirements massage clients prefer, receiving massage fully clothed is perhaps the most demanded in order to maintain their bodies privacy, allowing them to undergo massage therapies even while in public areas. Because of this it pays to be educated to make the right choice and the best thing to do is to refer to massage chair review articles and engage in direct visits to massage chair stores in order to personally test the equipments.