The Top Reasons to Go for Centipede Removal And Extermination Services?

The slimy yucky centipedes are the absolute stuff of nightmares. Along with millipedes, pill bugs, and sow bugs- they belong to the phylum Arthropoda and are actually quite common in the North Americas. Originating from Mexico, they are widespread throughout the continent- with more than 70 species found in Canada. Most avoid human interaction, except house centipedes- which invade homes to escape cold/dry weather conditions.

House centipedes are small – up to 2.5 cm long – venomous and carnivorous in nature- feeding on spiders, cockroaches, moths, termites, and other tiny insects. It has around 15 pairs of legs- with the front pair modified into venomous claws for natural defense and predatory activities as well. Their bites can be painful, and you surely wouldn’t want them around in your house.

The centipedes though prefer cold and damp places- like your home. There are several DIY solutions and pesticides that you can use to get rid of centipedes from your house. The best way to rid centipedes your house, for one, is by getting rid of its food source. However, in the case of large-scale infestations, it is recommended to seek out professional exterminators.

Why should you go for professional Centipede Exterminators?

BBPP (The Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc) can help you get rid of centipedes and other insects easily from your house. Here are how pest control services can help.

  • Thorough inspection before extermination:
    Centipedes, the speedy and nocturnal creatures, generally do not leave any traces. Unlike their close cousins- the millipedes, centipedes do not damage the wood. They are usually found in moist dark and secluded places during cold,and lay their eggs in damp soil during summertime.
    Add to it the fact that centipedes rarely interact with humans. It is best left to the expert professionals to check for trails and take appropriate measures accordingly.
  • A safe way to deal with the problem:
    While there may be a lot of ways to get rid of centipedes from your house- all the methods may not prove to be equally safe and non-harmful to your family or the environment. The professional team takes steps to ensure that the house environment is left clean, safe and non-hazardous- after the cleanup.
  • They are flexible and can easily adjust to your Time Schedule
    The exterminator services are just a phone call away from you. No more having to worry about adjusting your schedule for booking an appointment. Let us plan, implement and exterminate- delivering you a healthy, safe and eco-friendly home environment.

Don’t risk it. Grab the phone, book an appointment and let the professionals do their job. You could even take a look at one of our yearly pest control services, where we guarantee that your home will be pest-free, 365 days a year.

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