Professional and expert traders love the best forex bonuses for their benefit, and for fun. With years of experience and strong discipline, they understand deeply how to use free money in trading currency. Therefore, if you are not certain with foreign exchange career, this article is not for you.

In recent years, the forex market is more and more popular, especially in Asian areas. Traders’ community expand with new traders coming everyday, and it is challenging to find trustworthy brokers with good bonuses for newcomers without a careful research. Beside reliable brokers, scam brokers can also easily hook new customers by some catchy bonus. Therefore, the basic knowledge on the best forex bonuses are important belong with suitable strategy as well. Now, let’s begin.


1. The Best Forex Bonuses

In general, there are three sorts of Forex Bonus: Sign-up Bonus, Deposit Bonus, and Lot Back Bonus; which are suitable with new traders, professionals, and experts respectively.

Sign-Up Bonus

Also known as Non-Deposit Bonus or Welcome Bonus, there will be $30 – $50 gift right after the registration and verification, you can find your bonus added after creating an account. You can start trading immediately with the free bonus. If you lose, nothing lost but the free money; if you win, all yours. You deposit none and risk none, that’s why the Sign-up Bonus is claimed to be the best Forex Bonus type. There are also exceptions depending on brokers’ policy, the Welcome Bonus sometimes also require you to deposit or start your trading as a method to prevent forex cheating strategies.

There are two disadvantages: the Welcome Bonus could be decent for new traders with small budget, but it is small compared to high ambition from all forex traders. Besides, you can receive Welcome Bonus once only with each brokers, it takes time to prove your trustworthy to reliable brokers, until then you can make withdrawals with less concern of such terms and conditions.

Deposit Bonus

You deposit $100, then you can get $20 – $100 bonus. If you deposit $1000, you can have up to a grand. The Deposit Bonus is percentage bonus which bases on the money you deposit, which encourages traders to deposit more. Thus, the Deposit Bonus is offered for loyal clients exclusively. Brokers send this special offer to only chosen accounts via private message. Moreover, deposit bonus is not limited which is even better for regular traders.

Some brokers also set this gift as Welcome Bonus, this deadly promotion could attract numerous forex cheaters – an unwise strategy. Moreover, such good-looking bonus may come from scam brokers, traders need to be cautious before accepting them. Reliable brokers also have similar bonus, but with the strong terms. And it’s worth noting that: when you withdraw profit, your forex bonuses might be lost in some cases.

Lot Back Bonuses

This is what we mention earlier, professional and expert traders love this lot back bonus, which is design solely for them. Take an example:

  • XM’s spread for EUR/USD is 1.4 pip with $14 for a trading lot. You save $3 and need to pay only $11 for the next transaction.

Trustworthy brokers can offer up to 50% of this bonus, and the requirement is more than simple: trade. For traders who spend most of their time trading with constant transactions, this bonus is valuable. This rebate depends on the trading pairs, account types, and trading time. There is no room for new account or cheaters to play around with Lot Back Bonus.


2. Strategy with Forex Bonus

The advantages and disadvantages of Forex bonus depend on your own strategies. Do not try to cheat and escape with Forex Bonus. Cheaters go with massive clown accounts to get Welcome Promotion, hedge two accounts to get 50% win account, then disappear. They need brokers allowed withdrawing bonus profit with no condition, or they search for high leverage brokers, build one merged accounts with 50% win rate. The behaviors show weaknesses and prove that you are an undisciplined trader who has no honor.

New traders, who have less experience and need practices, need professional and real trading condition to start with. You can try the Cent Account from small brokers for such environment with small deposit (Exness also offers Cent Account), or the Demo Account with demo money with no pressure to work out. Until you are firm and skillful, register for a new account to get Welcome Bonus and take your reward.

For Deposit and Lot Back Bonus, wait until you are professional, or three month with diligence at least. You need to keep tight discipline, or the false sense of security and aggressiveness will guide you to big loss in short time. Do research carefully and trade with the reliable and largest brokers first, then you can handle the best forex bonuses with confidence, and humble.

3. Conclusion

If you are truly serious with currency trading, do not skip the bonus offers, whether you are a novice or an expert. It is your job to consider and control the risk to gain success. Don’t be careless, learn with a cool head, find reliable brokers, be responsible, and success will find you. Finally, here are some forex bonus examples from the top brokers for your consideration.

XM: 30$ welcome bonus

FBS: 50$ welcome bonus

XM: 100% deposit bonus

Exness: 2 – 16$ per lot – Lot Back Bonuses

Thank you for your time reading. See you next time.

Benefits of Using Large Cardboard Boxes

If you are looking for a packaging material for shipping your residential or official items so the cardboard packaging boxes are best for shipping. You can easily get different sizes of these cardboard boxes. If you want to have your items shipped safely so these cardboard packaging boxes are best for this purpose.

If you want to have your desired size, shape, and print on the cardboard boxes so for that the Custom Cardboard Boxes are the best option. You can easily get the Custom Cardboard Boxes on your desired shape, size, printing, and material of packaging. There are so many benefits of using the Custom printed cardboard Boxes.

This does not only protect the shipping items but you can easily keep your item and save it in store or warehouse. You can easily get plenty of these cardboard Boxes wholesale. This cardboard is best for all types of packaging use and almost everyone demands these custom cardboard packaging.

Packaging and transporting goods was difficult for people in the past just because of lack of facility and packaging material. But now things have become very easy and you can simply do shipping and transporting of goods and items easily by utilizing these custom cardboard packaging, Let’s have a look at some of the best benefits of using these custom cardboard packaging boxes are mentioned as under.

Image result for large cardboard boxes

Items are Save and Secure

These boxes are made with a thick sheet of cardboard and all of your items will be safe and secure for the long term. If you are moving from one location to another or we can say from one destination to other these cardboard packaging boxes always work best.

These cardboard boxes have multiple pieces on the top of it just to give a cushion to fragile items that include electronic appliances, gadgets items of glass and sensitive furniture items etc. These cushions are very important to protect the item from jerks, vibrations, and shocks etc.

You can easily place more cardboard just to give more cushion to the items that can be dropped. This is to give protection to your items. The packaging becomes heavier and lots of cardboard is required for packaging. You can easily adjust any type of product in this packaging and it also provides stable cushions and partitions for keeping multiple products in one box. For long-distance transportation, these cardboard boxes are simply best.

Image result for large cardboard boxes

Cheap and can be easily Produced

The Cardboard is very cheap and it is also very easy to create these cardboard packaging boxes. Mostly these Custom cardboard Packaging are made from the recycled material and it is also very reasonable if you purchase it from the wholesale market in bulk. While if you see other materials of packaging they are made of wood, plastic and other material which is expensive to purchase.

Sealing is Easy

After finishing the procedure of packaging it is really important to seal the boxes properly so the item will be safe and secure while shipping and storage. It is easy to seal these boxes. You can easily seal it by using different ways and it can be seal easily.

You can also use the stapler of metal to hold the cardboard box together and it can’t be open. This is very thick and it can be torn off if the box gets dropped down. You can also use the tape or glue to seal the surface of this cardboard box and keep it sealed until you open it. The cushioning makes it very strong and it becomes more strong while transporting and shipping items.

Image result for large cardboard boxes


Well, some of these cardboard packaging boxes are very heavy and rigid, but most of the times these boxes are very light and you can easily meld it around the shipping item to give more protection and safety to your items while shipping. That is how the packaging is not wasted and does not get more weight inside the packaging box.

One of the most noticeable benefits is that these flexible cardboard boxes can be easily wrapped around the packaging items and it only because of its flexibility.

Cost Effective

As we all know that price hike issues are increasing day by day and it is really very difficult to manage regular expenditures of life. So these cardboard packaging boxes are very reasonable and cost-effective and it is a blessing for people who need these custom cardboard Packaging for their regular use. This cost-effective cardboard packaging is very reasonable for people where prices of energy, fuel, and cost of production are hiking. The cardboard Boxes wholesale are easily available and if you want to buy in bulk you can easily get it from the wholesale market.

Image result for Cost Effective

Light in Weight

These cardboard boxes are very light in weight and these are very easy to move from one place to another even if the box is completely full. This is one of the best benefits of these custom cardboard Packaging boxes that it can be moved easily due to its lightweight. You can easily load and unload these cardboard boxes.

High in Demand for Business

If you are looking to have a business and you are looking to have something which you can easily get from the market is the cardboard packaging boxes. This is the best business you can easily do and people from all over the world require the cardboard boxes to fulfil their storage and shipping needs. So we can’t say that this business is in loss or not in demand by customers.

Just like in other countries the cardboard boxes in Australia are also in higher demand and people are doing a lot of businesses. You can easily do the custom printed cardboard Boxes and get you desired box. If you want to have your own desired printing so this is also possible and get your box printed by your label and this is also one of the best ways to increase your business of cardboard so people will directly come over to you.