Are You Sure About Fire Resistance of Your House?

Winter is coming and as we know it is a season when fires in apartments occur very often. We are sure that it is easier to prevent a fire than to extinguish it. Know that the speed of fire is lightning fast. But a fire is not a fatal outcome of events, it can and must be prevented.

There are several sources of fires emerging such as defective electrical appliances or wiring, open fire and candles, smoking in apartments, kitchen equipment, flammable and highly flammable substances, accidental or deliberate arson, etc.

First of all, you need to be aware of all of these sources. Then, of course, it is better to think about plan B. Plan B may include fire alarms, Kidde control fire systems, fire extinguisher and other highly important things. Let`s consider the necessity of these items.

  • Kidde Control Fire System

It is a complex system which includes various options. Of course, it consists of fire alarms, notifier horn and strobes, Fenwal heat detectors, air sampling, fire sentry and so on. Kidde professionals are able to advise and choose the best system for your apartment or house.

  • Hand Extinguisher

A hand-held fire extinguisher is an excellent fire extinguisher at the initial stage. Every member of the family should know how the fire extinguisher works and where it is located. The best place for it might be a kitchen or a living room in case a fire takes place there.

  • Fire alarms

The most dangerous factor in a fire that leads to death is smoke. In case of a fire, the smoke alarm will react to dangerous smoke and wake you up. Regularly check the fire alarms at home. Besides, it is very easy to choose and buy the appropriate ones at fire alarm company in Toronto.

Do you think your house is safe enough? There are 15 important issues of fire safety. Check them:

  • Do not hold any flammable materials near the cooker.

  • Switch off the coffee maker and toaster when not in use. Set the timer.

  • Check that the light bulbs have the proper power and the extension cords are not jammed.

  • Replace faulty and secure poorly attached sockets and plugs.

  • Do not dry towels or other objects from flammable materials on radiators.

  • Blow the candles out.

  • If the plugs often burn out, ask the electrician to find the cause of the malfunction.

  • Unplug electrical and aerial cables from the outlet during an electrical storm.

  • Ensure that there is sufficient air space around the TV.

  • Remove curtains, candles and any other items that may cause a fire from the TV.

  • Keep the exhaust ventilation in the kitchen clean.

  • Get a manual extinguisher for your home.

  • Install a fire alarm in the house.

  • Vacuum the refrigerator and freezer.

  • Make sure that the candlesticks and their decorations are made of non-flammable materials and always keep them away from curtains or other similar objects.


Pretty much every fan of car tuning knows about a catalytic converter. As a rule, this car element undergoes modernization in order to increase the power of a car, reduce fuel consumption as well as improve the overall impression of handling. In this regard, you can check out some catalytic converters for sale.

Despite the fact that many motorist does manipulations with this exact part of the exhaust system, there are only a few of them who could explain what a catalytic converter actually is. Meanwhile, we are talking about an important element, the tuning of which is possible only in case the car owner has a clear idea of what he is doing. Let us consider a catalytic converter in more detail.

A catalytic converter is an element of the exhaust system, which allows you to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and as it is known, spent fuel is highly toxic. The remains of its combustion are removed from the car through the exhaust pipe and it is the catalytic converter that ensures that the exhaust smoke is as safe as possible for the environment. In addition, this element serves as the place for final combustion of substances dangerous to the atmosphere.

As you may or may not know, a catalytic converter consists of several elements. In particular, it has a brick, a heat-insulating layer and a casing. The catalytic converter brick is made from a special kind of ceramics and it is distinguished by its excellent fire resistance properties. This element is covered with pores, on which a layer of chemical substances contributing to the reduction of toxicity of the exhaust gases is applied. The catalytic converter brick is placed in a housing that is made of metal. Between these parts, there lies a special material, which provides good thermal insulation.

The main signs of a faulty catalytic converter are as follows:

Loss of power. It is quite easy to spot that. You will immediately notice that the car is not as quick as it used to be.

When idling, a car behaves weird. The tachometer needle bounces from place to place even if you are not pressing the gas pedal. This points to the fact that the catalytic converter in your car needs to be replaced as soon as possible. To make it clearer, you can imagine that a faulty catalytic converter resembles a rag clogged in your exhaust pipe, as it interferes with the normal operation of the exhaust system.

This is how the main points related to the operation of the catalytic converter. If you wish, you can easily deepen your knowledge in this field by doing some more research on the Internet or you may also consult your local mechanic. This will let you gain some exhaustive information about the device.

Additionally, if you have a diesel car, it might be useful for you to also read about diesel oxidation catalysts, as these are a bit different.