Why You Need a Greens Supplement

Don’t eat enough veggies? Never fear! Greens supplements are a convenient step to take toward better health that anyone can take. But, what is a greens supplement? Simply put, it’s a product made from edible greens—such as kale and other dark, leafy vegetables—that has been put into a pill or powder form to be taken or mixed with liquid as a daily supplement.

Greens are among nature’s true superfoods. Greens help promote regularity, help the body rid itself of toxins, protect from disease and inflammation, and provide many other amazing benefits to your health. Sadly, life gets in the way and keeps many people from getting enough greens. Some people just don’t like the taste of greens, and that’s OK. Many supplement companies add flavors to their products, which enhances the taste and makes eating your veggies, which many dread, as simple as drinking a smoothie.

Other people don’t have access to quality fresh produce, and the seasonality and perishability of greens makes them especially hard to get, particularly for people in deeply urban or remote areas. Lastly, even if you’re able to get your hands on good greens, you likely won’t have time to prepare and eat them every day to reap their benefits. This is precisely why greens supplements are practical solutions. They are convenient to prepare and provide all the nutrients you need and more without having to take a trip to the natural food store or farmers market several times a week.

Many, many companies offer greens supplements in health food and vitamin stores and online. It’s absolutely imperative that you find a legitimate company that is transparent about their ingredients and supported by outside sources like reviews and articles. Unfortunately, greens supplements aren’t cheap, and you want to ensure quality to get the most bang for your buck. Do your research before you buy to save money and avoid the bitterness of an inferior product.

There are many reasons why you should take a greens supplement. The two we’ve covered are health and convenience. Greens are packed with nutrients that are essential for your health, but not everyone has the taste, time, resources, or energy to incorporate actual greens into their diet. Greens supplements can help the busy person get all the health benefits of greens in a convenient pill or powder format. It’s as easy as looking online and finding companies with integrity offering quality, effective products. Don’t worry—good health is only a few clicks away.

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