Why You Should Get BMW Tire and Wheel Insurance

Unlike any other car issue you might encounter while driving, a tire problem is one of the hardest to resolve. If the idea of struggling with a spare along a dark and deserted highway makes you uneasy, you’ll be relieved to learn that there’s a BMW tire and wheel protection policy waiting for you. As a bonus, most plans come with 24/7 roadside assistance and free towing.

Save Money

Most insurance providers don’t cover tires and wheels in the standard policies. You’ll want to contact your agent to find out if yours are, especially if you’ve put extra money into getting top-of-the-line custom wheels. The BMW tire and wheel insurance cost will seem like chump change compared to having to fully fund a replacement.

Because driving on damaged tires and wheels poses a safety risk, you need to get them replaced or repaired immediately. Protection plans take care of all the replacement costs, including taxes, labor, balancing fees, and valve stems. Plus, most plans come with no deductible, which is ideal for people who can’t afford to pay out of pocket for repairs.

Broad Range of Coverage

If you live in a location where pristine roads are a pipe dream, you’re going to want to make sure you’re covered. You can’t control the road conditions that cause the flat, but you can control being flat out of luck when it happens. With a tire and wheel protection plan, you’ll be safe from:

  • Blowouts
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Nails
  • Potholes
  • Road Cracks
  • Road Debris
  • Screws

Transferable Coverage

Most policies have a term duration or warranty period, depending on what package you buy. This will usually be for a set number of years or a specific amount of miles. You can purchase plans for new or used vehicles, and there’s normally no limit to how many claims you can make. In addition, the plan stays with the wheels and tires, so you can transfer the plan if you want to sell your vehicle, which will increase its resale value.

Lower the financial risk associated with road hazards by protecting the part of your vehicle most likely to be impacted. You’ll get manufacturer replacement parts, so the quality won’t ever be a question, and you won’t get capped on claims. Call a local broker to learn more about the BMW tire and wheel insurance cost.

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