How To Use Forest King Log Splitter Better


What is the feeding method of Forest King Log Splitter? Hydraulic intelligent forced feeding system is a more advanced method, and the other is the traditional method of relying on gravity to sink the feeding, which is relatively backward.

The use of Forest King wood splitters will indeed achieve better working performance, fast work efficiency, more stable use of functions, and meet the specific requirements of the work. For Forest King wood splitters, there may be different feeding methods. Everyone chooses, different working methods have a great impact on output and operation, so you need to understand the feeding method of the Forest King wood splitter.

  1. The feeding method of the Forest King wood splitter is mainly divided into two methods: gravity feeding and forced feeding. Through these two methods, you can get better work results, but it is recommended that you can choose gravity feeding. This production method, because forced feeding is actually manual feeding, it will inevitably cause some problems in the work process, which will easily affect the work efficiency, so it will cause various problems in the work process.
  2. The professional and regular brand Forest King wood splitter has better use functions, and has a better advantage in automatic feeding. It can improve work efficiency while ensuring enhanced stability. No manual participation is required. It will be better protected, reduce labor costs, effectively avoid waste of finished product resources, and be reasonably controlled in terms of production costs. On the whole, it has a better cost performance and avoids affecting the entire workflow.

Presumably everyone should have a better understanding of the feeding method of the Forest King wood splitter. If you want to make better use of the functional advantages of the Forest King wood splitter and achieve better functional standards in use, it is recommended to choose a professional The forest king wood splitter produced by regular manufacturers will naturally bring better use and more diversified feeding methods.


Performance Characteristics Of Forest King Log Splitter

Do you know the Forest King Log Splitter? Today, I will share with you the relevant knowledge of the Forest King Log Splitter. Looking forward to your reading.


Forest King Forest King Log Splitter is an indispensable equipment for wood processing. It can split stumps, large branches, large round wood segments and harder wood to meet the requirements of the chipper feed size, or Raw materials are split into materials for other uses. There are mainly two series of vertical and horizontal.


Horizontal Forest King Log Splitter:


1.Motor power: 17kw

  1. Forest King Log Splitter runs flexibly, smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Small footprint, convenient maintenance 4. Splitting wood 3-5 tons per hour

Product function: reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, high output, easy operation, safety and other characteristics, it is an ideal product to replace the band saw.


Vertical Forest King Log Splitter: It is a medium and large size wood splitting machine. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure design and convenient operation. It is the first choice for enterprises and personal wood chip processing households. It is a special product for cracking large tree roots and special thick branches.


Safe operation of Forest King Log Splitter: Before each use, check whether the machine is clogged with foreign objects to avoid the danger of card jamming. During the use, safety protection facilities should be set up. Keep the body balanced when cutting wood. Fingers are 5cm away from the blade. ; If you need to replace the blade of the Forest King Log Splitter, first turn off the power light and stop the machine before approaching.