Everyday Acts of Kindness: How Teens Can Help Their Community

Whether you want to encourage your teen to be a better Christian or just a better person, talk to them about how they can contribute to their community through various acts of kindness and selflessness. Not only does this create some connections for their future, but it helps parents know that they have raised a right person.

The most common way for teens to help their community is through community service. It includes volunteering at your church or other religious space, at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, or just cleaning up trash in the park. Volunteering opportunities for teens also include spending time with the elderly, and many organizations reach out to make their community a better place.

If your teen is interested in the environment or making the earth a better place, they need not join an organization to start a community garden or help people clean up their yards and local parks. It is much more than cleaning up trash; teens can be involved in creating a better environment for themselves and their neighbors, learning leadership skills along the way.

For the teen who is interested in politics, they may choose to volunteer for the local – or national – political campaign. Especially for those looking to go into this field, this allows for practical experience to learn about candidates and a more detailed look into the political process. Teens will begin to understand how politics can play a significant role in peoples’ lives and how it affects society as a whole.

Tutoring is also a great way for teenagers to help out those in their community. Especially for those particularly good at one subject, such as math or writing, they can offer their services – whether for free or paid as some do – to those who may be struggling in these subjects. It can begin at school or at private companies that provide these services. It is particularly helpful if your teen is willing to offer these services for free, as it teaches them that it is better to give than to receive.

From mission trips for high school students to teaching new additions to your community English, volunteering does much more than give teens a few right spots for their resume into college. Volunteering shows kids and teens that it is a kind and selfless act to give back – and ultimately improve – your community and make it a better place for everyone.

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