The way to Modify the Motor Composition of VSI Impression Crusher?

In the event the HPC Cone Crusher is in procedure, its electrical motor ordinarily breaks down for many factors. Following, we will introduce many main reasons for you.

one. The entrance stop of motor at operate is bearing powerful axial drive and radial power and enjoyable drive coming from violent vibrations which are over and above the rated load, hence causing bearing failure;

two. The front-end cap is produced from HT150, with feeble structure, so while in the circumstance of stronger tension, it is liable to fracture;

three. Standard vibrations direct the screw joint to loose, specially the modest cap outside the front-end deal with liable to break or falling off, leading to the rotor to maneuver down;

four. The clearance between the little cap gap about the entrance protect as well as the shaft neck is usually a little bit much larger, producing the tension and temperature of your front bearing growing up, major to grease leakage.

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