Causes of jaw crusher bearing heat

The bearing is one of the more important accessories on the jaw crusher. It supports the various structures of the crusher and carries the impact force when the crusher breaks the material. The performance of the crusher directly affects the normal operation and production efficiency of the equipment..Bearing heating has great harm to the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, pay attention to the temperature rise of the bearing and the noise occurrence of the bearing, and find and deal with it in time.
First of all, check the lubrication state of the shaft, the grease can not be too much or too little, and can not let the bearing work in the state of lack of oil, too much grease will cause the bearing to heat up.According to the standard of the lubrication specification, the grease added to the bearing is 50-70% of the bearing volume to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the crusher.In addition, it is necessary to replace the grease every three months to ensure the grease is clean. It is strictly forbidden to block the oil hole by pollutants.
Secondly, check the tightness of the bearing cap and the shaft. The bolt is too tight, the clearance is too small, and a lot of heat is generated by friction with the bearing. If it is too loose, it will cause the crushing machine body to shake, causing unnecessary load shock to the bearing.The bearing heat is increased and the bearing temperature is increased.Always check the tightness of the upper cover bolts in daily life to ensure that there is a qualified clearance to avoid excessive bearing temperature.

How to improve the production efficiency of the sand making machine during the running-in period

The cobblestone sand making machine is a sand making device for crushing pebbles. In the initial stage of the purchase of new machines, there is a period of running-in. In the process of contact, friction and biting of mechanical parts during the running-in period, how can the equipment last for a long time and the economics of the equipment become better?
The cobblestone sand making machine has also been run-in at the factory, but the surface of the part is still rough. If you want the normal and orderly work of the sand making machine in the later stage, it is necessary to run it in during the running-in period. For the user, the function and performance characteristics of the sand making machine equipment may not be known in the early stage. Therefore, there will be cases where work efficiency is not high. Did not achieve the desired results. Before the sand making machine equipment is in operation, the operator should have an understanding of its performance characteristics and structural performance. According to the professional guidance of the manufacturer, strict operation specifications are implemented to avoid unnecessary losses. During the running-in period, pay attention to the lubrication work and wear of the equipment, and be careful not to overload.
As long as we are familiar with the performance and standard operation of the sand making machine equipment, timely inspection and maintenance of the wear and lubrication conditions can reduce the production cost in the later stage, and also improve the work efficiency and increase the production income.

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