Air gauge how reading 

Air gauge how reading 

Proper use of tire pressure gauges:

1. The angle between the centerline of the air pressure measuring port and the axis of the meter body is 90 ° -180 °, the scale is a tetragonal, and the range scale value is 0.07Wpa-0.4Wpa. Before reading, gently tap the instrument housing or surface glass with your finger to eliminate friction in the transmission mechanism.

2. During observation, the pointer overlaps with the mirror pointer. At this time, the index value of the pointer is the pressure indication value, and the reading is accurate to one decimal place. Read the temperature indication value on the barometer to the nearest decimal place. 

3. Align the notch on the measuring end of the barometer with the tire valve. At this time, the pointer of the tire pressure gauge is deflected, and its indicating value is the inflation pressure of the tire, or the benchmark of the tire pressure gauge is pushed out under the action of air pressure. The greater the pressure, the more the pointer is biased.


Value of inner ring: pounds per square inch; value of outer ring: kgf / cm2 (engineering atmospheric pressure) = 1.033 standard atmospheric pressure = 1.02 bar.

If it is a car tire, it is generally 2.0 ~~ 2.5bar, not more than 3.5bar;

If it is a light truck tire, it is usually 6 levels, 3.0 ~~ 3.5; 8 levels is 4.0 ~ 4.5bar, and 10 levels is not more than 5.5bar; 

if it is a trailer tire, it is generally not more than 4.2bar.

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