2021 car tax: exemptions and extensions in Lombardy

2021 car tax
2021 car tax

Lombard citizens who pay the tax with bank domiciliation are also entitled this year to a discount equal to 15% of the amount due. The total exemption from the payment of the stamp concerns only those who buy an electric vehicle or powered exclusively by LPG or methane.

The current year does not reserve any news regarding car tax for road users residing in Lombardy. The Region has not provided extensions to the tax payment due to the coronavirus health emergency, with motorists who will have to meet the deadlines of April, August, and December. The vehicle owner has one month to define the payment from the deadline: for example, for the deadline expired on April 30th, there will be until May 31st.

Lombardy car tax: no tax for electric cars

For natural persons only, the exemptions already in force in previous years will apply. The three-year exemption from the payment of the stamp concerns those who buy a new petrol / LPG or petrol/methane,  hybrid and petrol car, the latter with a displacement not exceeding two thousand cubic centimeters and scrapping an old polluting vehicle of their own.

On the other hand, electric cars, or those powered exclusively by LPG or methane, enjoy a total exemption from paying the road tax.

For cars over thirty years old, the road tax does not have to be paid owners are required to pay a road tax (about 30 euros) only if they use the four-wheeler on a public road. As for cars between the ages of 20 and 29, they are entitled to a 50% discount on the tax if registered in the historical registers of ASI, Storico Lancia.

Exemptions for those who enjoy the benefits of Law 104

The tax in Lombardy is not due for cars registered to people with disabilities and their caregivers. In particular, the exemption cases concern:

  • severely disabled people;
  • spouse and parents, including adoptive or foster parents, of severely disabled people;
  • relatives or in-laws within the 2nd degree of the severely disabled person.

Lombardy car tax: you save by paying with your current account

Also, for 2021, taxpayers who pay the stamp by bank debit benefit from a 15% discount.

Motorists who already have an active domiciliation benefit automatically from the bonus. At the same time, those who must obtain it for the first time are obliged to send the payment mandate to the Region by the 15th day of the month preceding the expiry if it is sent by post. Ordinary, or by the end of the month before the deadline, if done online.

Car tax: when can a refund be requested?

The property tax must be paid regardless of the use of the car. However, there are cases in which the motorist can request a refund of the amount: the hypotheses concern the double payment and the payment not due or paid more than the amount to be paid.

The right to reimbursement can be exercised within 36 months from the day on which the payment was made by submitting the request also on a simple card.

What about insurance?

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