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There are thousands of Mutual Funds in India, under different categories, offered by hundreds of AMCs and Fund Houses. For fairness and transparency, global agencies exist that analyse and rate the performance of funds over time and make sure that investors are well informed before investing. It is mandatory for AMCs to declare a standard against which the performance of any given fund can be measured – this is called a benchmark. There are also regulatory bodies like AMFI and SEBI that ensure no investor ever gets scammed.

mutual funds

Mutual Funds allow individuals to make their money work for them – meaning that they do not need to actively perform tasks for monetary gain. Any amount invested in mutual funds will either grow or shrink depending on market performance and the skill of the fund manager.
There are many different Types of Mutual Funds available today, and can be categorized based on investment objective, structure and asset class. Apart from this, there are also specialized mutual funds.


SIP Calculator: FundsIndia Features

Mutual Fund investments can be made in an organized, regular fashion through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). It lets you invest a particular amount of money at periodic intervals (usually monthly). It is considered one of the best ways to invest since you get to mitigate the impact of market volatility. Also, every SIP installment augments the value of the overall invested amount, thus increasing the value of possible returns as well. To take control of your SIP from Day 1, FundsIndia offers a convenient and comprehensive tool – SIP Calculator.

Why should you use it?

When you want to start investing, you might not immediately know what to expect out of it, how much, where you should invest and what your strategy should be. FundsIndia’s SIP Calculator can help you obtain a comprehensible idea about these multiple factors. It will make it easier to lock down your investment plan and also give you a sense of the path you are set to pave.

SIP Calculator

How does it work?

The SIP Calculator lets you key in the variables such as your monthly investment amount, investment period and expected rate of return. Once you do that, it will display the estimated returns and final corpus you will earn after the investment tenure. Alternatively, you can also opt for a reverse calculation by entering the target amount instead of the SIP amount. This will then give you the approximate amount you should invest every month to reach your target in the specified time period.


Best Large Cap Mutual Funds

How large is too large?
While there is no precise formula to indicate when a small-cap fund has become too large, we can get a fair sense of a potential size impact based on the following framework:

  • Fund AUM as a % of the Investable Universe – When a small-cap fund’s AUM becomes a large percentage of the free-float market cap of the Nifty Smallcap 250 Index constituents, it indicates that its liquidity may become problematic.
  • Liquidity of stocks in the fund portfolio – How many stocks (and their weight in the portfolio) cannot be completely exited by the fund within 30 days? The larger the percentage, the more concerned you must be.
  • Large stakes in companies – What percentage of the fund’s AUM is locked in the form of large stakes in a few companies? The greater the proportion of such companies in the portfolio, the lower the fund’s liquidity. This is because as the fund’s stake in a company goes up it becomes tougher for it to exist without impacting the stock price and therefore its returns.

    Best Large Cap Mutual Funds

  • Reduced flexibility in portfolio construction – A very large AUM may be accompanied by an increase in the number of small-cap stocks in the portfolio and reduced tactical flexibility. Alongside, the percentage of the corpus invested in Best Large Cap Mutual Funds and/or cash holdings may also go up (subject to the upper limit of 35%) indicating potential difficulty in finding new opportunities in the small-cap space.
  • Restrictions on new investor subscriptions – Whenever the monthly inflows (new subscriptions) cross a certain percentage of the AUM, funds usually consider introducing restrictions on them. Allowing assets to continue to grow may restrict potential investment opportunities.

Mutual Fund Returns Calculator

This SIP calculator determines how much you can earn with SIPs. Any given SIP investment will provide you with the basic information required to calculate the total value of the SIP investment.

Knowing when and how much to invest is the second most important factor – after choosing the right SIP investment plan. Investing a lower amount than your capability will most probably result in regret at the time of plan maturity, as a lot more profit could have been earned with even slightly larger investment amounts.

This SIP calculator can help you find the optimal investment amount based on your personal investment goals. Once you know how much you wish to invest, the total amount you wish to earn on maturity, etc. FundsIndia’s award-winning financial advisory team will suggest the most profitable investment for you based on your investor profile and capacity for risk.

Mutual Fund Returns Calculator

If you have a certain ‘Rs.x’ amount that can be invested each month – find out how much you can earn in total with this investment calculator which accounts for inflation and other factors – giving you a realistic estimate of your earning potential.

You can use this financial Mutual Fund Returns Calculator the maturity value of your SIP.


Types of Mutual Funds Based On Investment Objectives

Growth Funds:

These funds invest primarily inequities. Diversified investments in stocks and shares of various companies usually make up a good Growth Mutual Fund. The primary goal of these funds is to provide as much capital appreciation as possible during the tenure of the fund.

Income Funds:

These funds aim to provide investors with regular income, generated through investments in government securities, stocks with high dividend potential, bonds, debentures, etc. While it’s true that no mutual fund scheme can outright guarantee results, these funds are actively managed and hence are more likely to successfully generate regular income.

mutual funds

Liquid Funds:

The primary goal of these funds is to provide capital safety and near-instant liquidity to its investors. These funds primarily invest in debt instruments of high credit quality and design the portfolio to mature in around three months’ time. Thus, interest rate fluctuations in the economy do not affect this fund as much as they do for other funds as the maturity of investment instruments is lined up with the maturity of the scheme itself. Even so, no Mutual Fund scheme can guarantee results.


Why Mutual Fund is a Great Investment Option?

There are several reasons which make Mutual Funds a gateway for a great investment. They are:-

High Returns: It gives an investor higher return than other modes of investment

Liquidity: It allows an investor to withdraw their money whenever they want, one does not have to wait for a buyer or term to get over.

Transparency: Mutual Fund provides full transparency. An investor can monitor his invested amount and returns anytime, anywhere!

Invest with any amount: In order to invest one doesn’t need to have a large amount of money, one can start investing with any amount he has.

mutual funds

Tax Benefits: Any return from Mutual Funds (from any equity scheme where the amount was invested for 1 year or more) comes under Long Term Capital Gain and is exempted from taxes.


Get an idea of evaluating the Best ELSS Mutual Funds

One can evaluate the best ELSS Mutual Funds by comparing the fund performance with the peer competitors so that an individual can ensure that the fund has been consistence in the past years.

One can choose fund houses that have performed over a long period. At the same time Expense Ratio is also very important which makes you aware of how much of your investment goes towards managing the fund. Moreover, Standard Deviation, Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio, Alpha, and Beta also analyses the performance of a fund.



What are the points an Investor Should Consider When Investing in Best Large-Cap Mutual Funds?

While investing in Best Large-Cap Mutual Funds, Investors should look after the factors which are making an impact on their investments and ultimately, the returns. Investors should keep in mind their age, risk profile, goals, and investment horizon.

Other factors which an investor should analyse while investing are:-

1)Know your investment objective
2)Past performance of the large-cap fund
3)Experience of the fund manager
4)Expense ratio
5)Know about the exit load

Best Large-Cap Mutual Fund


Systematic Investment Planner – SIP Calculator

Investing in a diversified market can get you better returns than any other investment option. With Mutual Fund SIP you get the power to invest without affecting your wallet.

Mutual Fund SIP,

Wondering how much you should start investing monthly to achieve your goal in time? Calculate the returns of your SIP investment using Funds India SIP Calculator and get your investment plan in place.
Just select the tenure, targeted sum of amount & expected rate of return to get the monthly SIP Investment amount and start investing.


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