Which Is The Most Portable Diesel Generator In Lucknow

A diesel generator (DG) (also known as a diesel generator set) is a combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (often an alternator) to generate electricity.

This is a special case of the engine-generator. A compression ignition diesel engine is usually designed to run on diesel fuel, but some types are adapted for other liquid fuels or natural gas.

Diesel generator sets are used where there is no mains connection or as an emergency power source in the event of a mains failure, as well as for more complex applications such as peak load reduction, mains support and export to the mains.

Choosing the right diesel generator set is critical to avoid low load or lack of power. Calibration is complicated by the characteristics of modern electronics, in particular non-linear loads. In a size range of about 50 MW and above, an open cycle gas turbine is more efficient at full load than a range of diesel engines and is much more compact with comparable capital costs; but for regular partial loads, even at these power levels, diesel units are sometimes preferred over open cycle gas turbines due to their higher efficiency.

The diesel generator contains a diesel engine. Now it is the chemical energy of the diesel fuel that is converted into mechanical energy in the combustion process.

The generated mechanical energy is then converted to electrical energy for use during power outages.

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