Buying a used laptops in hyderabad

Whether you’re buying face-to-face or picking up from somewhere, make sure the first thing you do is thoroughly inspect your hardware and software. Perform the following checks:

used laptops in hyderabad 


  • Is the operating system activated and original?
  • Is there any noticeable damage to the laptop?
  • Test all ports and any optical drives they may have.
  • Try the keyboard and trackpad, making sure that the key travel is even all the time, that there are no broken keys and that the trackpad behaves as you would expect.
  • Turn on the webcam, and make sure it is working using something like the Windows Camera app.
  • Play some audio to check the speakers.
  • Inspect the screen, look for any dead pixels or dangerous bleeding.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi and Ethernet are working.


If you are not satisfied with the condition, walk away. If the flaws you find aren’t spoiling the deals, then you should at least bargain for the discount if it wasn’t announced in advance.

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