How to get govt jobs in india?

India is a Developing country as well as the Indian economy is dependent on other countries’ economy. This results in fluctuations periodically in the economy as well as the growth rate of the country. This has a major impact on job growth for young people in India. Due to instability in the work market, a majority of India hopefuls for jobs give priority to government jobs because of the long-lasting certainty of employment. Now the question comes that how to get an official job.

Finding a government job can be an extremely long and difficult process that is contingent on the government agency.

Some major contributors to the employment creation in Indian government sectors include UPSC, SSC, Indian Railway, UGC, SBI, LIC, and Defence Sector. The process for applying to jobs is different for every organization and also varies post to job.

An easy method to find a job is given below.

  • Look for Government jobs
  • Apply for the government job
  • Follow the syllabus and exam pattern
  • Examine the material
  • Take a look at the results.

Find the latest open positions:

The first step is to look up the government jobs according to the eligibility criteria that you must meet to apply. Generally, The eligibility Criteria includes the candidate’s age Education Qualification, Nationality of the applicant, experience and Marital Status, gender, etc. You can find govt job openings by visiting the official exams’ conducting authority’s websites such as UPSC, SSC, SBI, IBPS, etc or you can take the aid of online job portals that offer information on the most recent government jobs in India. These job portals on the internet keep the list of available jobs that are based on the required qualifications or jobs in any specific state.

Apply for the government job:

Once you have identifies some government jobs that are available based on your skills, you can go to the application submission process for these jobs. The application process is different and is dependent on the government organization. These days most of the government agencies accept applications online only. Go through the job advertisement and search for the online application process. This online application process typically consists of three parts.

  1. First-time registration
  2. Filling out online application forms
  3. Fee Payment and final filing of an application

Follow the syllabus and pattern of the exam:

Once you have applied for any job with the government. You may start your preparation. Candidates are advised to study the exam format provided in the official advertisement. Exam pattern will give you an idea of your Sarkari Exam that you applied for and can help you start your exam preparation in the proper direction. A common exam structure includes sections like General Intelligence & Reasoning, Numerical ability, English, Current Affairs.

Pass the exam:

Finding a government job to work in India is a long process and candidates have ample time to prepare for the final exam. There are many stages in the selection process such as Main Exam, Preliminary Exam as well as MedicalExam, Interview, Document Verification and many more. Candidates can check the different exam dates in the official advertisement and appear for all stages of the test at times.

Check the final result:

After passing each stage of the examination, applicants will be required to wait until the final merit list. The process of preparing this Final Merit list also takes long due to a large amount of candidates. Candidates can view their score from the official website of the exam’s conducting authority. If his name is included in the Final Merit list he will be offered a government job.

This is the fundamental process for getting an official job in India. For more information about the process, applicants should visit the official government website.


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