This is the final process of mould removal in Gold Coast

It is known to everyone that the Gold Coast has a humid subtropical climate which is favorable for the growth of mould. The process of mould removal in Gold Coast involves five steps. These steps are inspection, correction, removal, dry out and prevention.

With these five steps of mould removal in Gold Coast, one can have a mould free home in the beautiful place like Gold Coast. Complete inspection of the property to  China Injection mould Factory figure out the mould is essential before starting the removal. After inspection, it is important to find out the cause of growth of mould so as to stop it from returning back. After inspection and finding out the cause the removal process is done by the professionals and specialists. Then the whole property is dried so as to prevent the mould from returning back and after drying it out the experts help out with the tricks to prevent the return of mould in the property.

Here, we will try to explain all the steps in detail for better understanding.

Inspection – The inspection of the property affected with the mould is done by the experts. Primarily these experts diagnose the source of mould through visual inspection. Then they use various tools like moisture meters and humidity meters to identify the moisture level. After diagnosing the moisture level, the experts provide the provider owners the best advice about stopping the root cause of mould. While giving advice to the property owner, the experts might also give recommended preventive actions of mould. In some circumstances, the experts might also collect air samples and get them checked in lab to diagnose the mould counts and species.

Correction – After inspection, the experts find out the cause of growth of mould. This is important because it helps in stopping the direct sources of mould such as leaking pipes, leaking roofs, leaking ceilings etc. Experts would advise the property owners about it after the inspection.

Removal – After inspection and correction, the process of mould removal in Gold Coast starts. A misty spray is sprayed. This spray is non-toxic, non-hazardous mould removal agent which is safe for asthma patients and people suffering from allergy. This spray kills the mould spores and prevents future growth of mould. As an extra precautionary step this spray is sprayed across all the surfaces. A bit extra spray is being applied on the areas affected with mould.

Apart from this chemical spray, HEPA vacuums are also used to extract mould spores from floors, carpets etc. Also, four stage air purifiers are used to capture 99.5 per cent mould spores present in the air. Capturing the mould spores is important because killing of mould spores doesn’t help because the dead mould spores are food source for mould spores.

Dry Out – This is the final process of mould removal in Gold Coast. The moisture has to be dried out so as to prevent mould and mould spores. The best solution to dry out the moisture is through air blowers and dehumidifiers. It is very important to understand that the areas that are infected with the mould shouldn’t be dried out before the mould is being removed. The moisture should also not be dried before the removal of mould as the air movers will promote the spreading of the mould spores.

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