This is anexcellent advantage over single-handled machines

The Akiles Megabind 1 is another in a long line of high-quality,solidly-constructed binding machines by Akiles. This heavy-duty,all-metal legal sized plastic comb binding machine has a manual punchwith a comb opener. This well-made machine was designed to be used as acomplete plastic comb binding solution for medium-volume applications.


The Megabind 1 has many useful features, including a depth of punchmargin control. This control allows you to make your own selection ofpunching options for the proximity of a hole to the edge of thedocument. This makes the Megabind 1 ideal for use with all sizes ofplastic comb binding spines – from the thinnest, 3/16″ diameter spine,up to the thickest up to 2″diameter spine.

In addition, the Megabind 1 also features 24 fully disengageable dies,which allows you to stop any hole from punching, and to easily handlevirtually any document length up to 14″. The Megabind 1 also has a 14″long plastic comb opener to help you open combs and insert pages on thecombs up to 14 inches in length. This is quite handy when bindingseveral books at once. With two handles, the Megabind 1 can punch withone handle and operate the comb-opener with the other. This is anexcellent advantage over single-handled machines, which place undostress on the machine by activating the comb opener during punching (orvice versa).

The machine’s manual punch can punch through about 20 sheets¬†ice cream filling machine¬†of 20lbpaper per lift, making it perfectly adequate for most small to mediumsized companies and Includes a convenient and easy-to-use documentsizing guide on the table of the machine, helping you select the rightcomb-size, no matter how simple or complex your project, or how largeor small your document.


Among its many positive features, the Megabind 1 has a manual punchingmechanism great for small to medium sized companies who bind documentson a weekly basis. There are, however, some limitations to the machine.For example; companies who bind documents often, or bind a high volumeof documents might benefit from a machine with an electric punchingmechanism. This could mean that the Megabind 1E, also made by Akiles isa better option for your higher-volume needs.

The Megabind 1 is a highly functional machine at a great value, but itsnext generation, the Megabind 2 includes a convenient and easy to usewire closer that can be used with spiral-o 19 loop wire. This featuremakes the cost of the Megabind 2 slightly higher, but it provides youwith the ability to use an entirely new binding style for an additional$75, making it hard to pass up.


Like other binders in the Akiles family, the Megabind 1 is extremelyreliable, and built with all metal components. This heavy-dutyconstruction is indicative of Akiles well-made line of bindingequipment and the Megabind is no exception. The two handle design willextend the life of the machine, and allow for prolonged use, providedyou don’t punch things you shouldn’t. For example, do not punch; morethan 2 clear covers at a time, metal, wood, or any other heavy dutymaterial that could damage the punching heads.


The Akiles Megabind 1 is an excellent choice for an organization thatis looking for a highly reliable legal size plastic comb bindingmachine. It is built extremely well and has features that highlyrecommend it.

Potential buyers, however, may want to consider the Megabind 2, whichprovides the ability to bind documents with wire for just a few dollarsmore. Given this fact, the Megabind 2 may be the most cost effectivechoice, depending on your volume needs. Either way, both the Megabind 1and the Megabind 2 are excellent machines, with built-in reliability.Niether of the machines would need replacement unless your futurecapacity needs increase, which may lead you to upgrading to an electricpunch machine, which is much more suitable for large volumeapplications.

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