Looking for light bulbs that look like gas flame ?

Within the elements of nature, fire is one of the most enigmatic and is associated with large events, whether good or bad. Within the pleasant, fire can mean passion, warmth, shelter, love, protection, home or adventure among other meanings that are granted. And in the end, fire is light and that primary form of lighting can still be recreated today but with the modernity of LED technology. Recreating the effect of fire you no longer need to use expensive effects, now they are achieved with the wonderful Fire Bulbs in lamps, diffuser lanterns or opaque glass lanterns. The effect is very real and dynamic, since they mimic the movement and all the sensation of the flames. The light quality of the flickering light bulb produces in the environment a cozy and relaxing sensation, where the flaming flame fills the environment with its lighting, being able to use it in different areas of the home or commercial premises.

Best LED Fire Bulb

The LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

When you want to create a unique decoration that fills the environments with special sensations where passion, relaxation, nature and romanticism are the protagonists, nothing better than installing the CPPSLEE, Omicoo, Hudson has available to all its customers. These luminaires come in two models so that they adapt perfectly with any type of lamp. In the case of being placed in a device where the bushing is below, the model whose flame springs from the bottom up is used. In the case of having the socket at the top, the model that sprouts from the bottom up is placed, producing the effect from the tip of the bulb. In this way, the real effect of the flaming flame is achieved. The truth is that, with any of the models, these luminaries produce a special attraction in people. When installed in commercial premises such as restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and others, customers will be attracted by the pleasant sensation produced by this light flame. Similarly, Light bulbs are ideal for rural homes, castles or wherever you prefer, placing them on the entrance walls, gardens or terraces. Also, located in lamps with glazed crystals, an ancient, medieval style decoration is achieved. The recommendation to achieve the best effects is to combine it with wall lanterns or retro design pendants that. You can also find in eCommerce store online.

Fire Bulbs, Always Adaptable

The high-tech flame of these bulbs comes with universal E27 socket with a power of 4.5W and for a voltage of 230V. The extra warm light, which emanates in an orange tone has an angle of illumination of 360 degrees, thus covering a whole spectrum of the area where they are located. All these advantages offered by these Fire Bulbs , also bring with it, all the features of LED technology such as low power consumption, environmental care by not having any type of chemical or toxic gas emission, long durability, effective performance and its light quality.

Do not miss the opportunity to offer your visitors a natural sense lighting, fueled by the flame of fire, so that you feel in a cozy and tasteful place, where the sensation of the old and the modern blend nicely in the Design of a great environment. A light bulb with a lot of movement and lighting effect for any property.

Properties Flickering Light Bulb

The incandescent lamp is the one with the lowest luminous efficiency of the lamps used: from 12 to 18 lm / W (lumens per watt of power) and the one with the least useful life or durability has: about 1000 hours, but it is the most widespread, for Its low price and the warm color of its light.

While there were patents in the United States for light bulbs of up to 200,000 hours were never manufactured because they were economically unviable. Returning to history in 1924 a cartel that grouped the main manufacturers in Europe and the United States agreed to limit the life of electric bulbs to 1000 hours. This cartel was called Phoebus and officially never existed.

No it offers good reproduction of colors , because it produces in the spectrum of cool colors, but to have a continuous emission spectrum manages to contain all wavelengths in the party issuing the spectrum. Its efficiency is very low, since it only converts around 15% of the energy consumed into visible light. Another 25% is transformed into heat energy and the remaining 60% into non-noticeable radiation, ultraviolet light and infrared light, which end up becoming heat.

Advantages of the fire effect bulb

The following are the advantages of the incandescent bulb :
➨ It is less expensive due to a lower initial cost.
➨ It is easier to dim with rheostats.
➨ produces a warmer color compared with lamps fluorescent and halogen thungsteno.
➨ Generates a relatively high light output.
➨ Can be dimmed or controlled.
➨It is easy to install.
➨ It is available in various shapes, sizes and applications.
➨ Can be turned on immediately.

Disadvantages of the fire effect bulb

The following are the disadvantages of the incandescent bulb :
➨ It is inefficient in energy.
➨ It has a very short lamp life, that is, approximately 1000 hours usually.
➨It is a warm source of light and therefore requires air conditioning to cool the room.
➨ It has a higher operating cost.
➨It is very fragile and therefore must be handled very carefully.
➨ Generates low light per watt. Ordinary incandescent bulbs produce about 5 to 20 lumens per watt. This means that it has a lower efficiency.

What is the difference between saving and conventional bulbs?

A normal incandecent light lamp or incandescent lamp reduces light by heating, has a wire or metallic filament which heats up to white-red.The advantages could be that it gives heat and they are cheap.The disadvantages inefficient since 90 % of the electricity that consumes it transforms it into heat and only the remaining 10% into light.The energy saving lamp or fluorescent lamp is a type of white light lamp containing in its interior some mercury through which electricity circulates have an electronic ballast The advantages Electricity saver Money , white light Disadvantage as ten times more expensive than a conventional bulb.