Representation method of enameled wire level

Enameled wire level refers to the use of Chinese pinyin (or Latin) English letters and one or several numbers to represent the codes of different shapes and types of profiles and cemented carbide products.

Representation method of enameled wire level:

1. Enameled wire level: The enameled wire product model is named using the combination of Chinese pinyin letters and Arabic numerals. Combining the above parts in order is the enameled wire product model. Its composition includes the following parts. Symbol + code:

(1) Series code: enameled winding: Q paper-covered winding wire: Z

(2) Conductor material: copper conductor: T (omitted) aluminum conductor: L

(3) Insulation material: Y, A polyamide (pure nylon)

(4) Conductor characteristics: flat wire: B round wire: Y (omitted) hollow wire: K Composite Enameled Copper Wire

(5) Paint film thickness: round line: thin paint film-1 thick paint film-2 thick paint film-3 flat line: ordinary paint film-1 thick paint film-2

(6) The thermal level is represented by /XXX..


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