Enameled wire welding

Enameled wire-need a little help enameled wire needs a little help, yes, it needs the help of enameled wire welding machine, enameled wire welding machine is also called hydrogen oxygen flame enameled wire welding machine Or ultrasonic harness copper winding wire welding machine is a welding machine that uses hydrogen-oxygen flame or ultrasonic waves to weld and fusion the coil lead wires of electronic devices such as motors, motors, and transformers. During the working process, the hydrogen-oxygen flame enameled wire welding machine uses only water and electricity to generate flames for welding operations, without the need for additional gas cylinders, so it is easy to operate. Compared with traditional enameled wire welding, there is no need to remove paint, and because the flame temperature is very high, the excess leads can be burned directly, so as to keep the fusion part flat. High temperature enameled wire

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