The purpose of annealing the enameled wire

[Enameled wire] When Nylon Composite Enameled Copper Wire is the annealing . The purpose of annealing the enameled wire is actually to make the conductor hardened by the change of the crystal lattice during the mold stretching process through a certain temperature heating, and then make it After the molecular lattice is rearranged, the softness required by the process is restored, and at the same time, some lubricants and oil stains on the surface of the conductor are removed during the stretching process, which can make the wire easy to paint, so as to ensure the quality of the enameled wire. The more important thing is to ensure that the enameled wire has suitable softness and elongation during use as a winding, and it can also help improve its electrical conductivity. The greater the deformation of its conductor, the lower its elongation and the higher its tensile strength.

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