Comparison of copper-clad aluminum wire

[Classic] ‘Copper-clad aluminum wire’ identification and comparison knowledge  Copper-clad aluminum wire identification method: copper-clad aluminum wire is mostly soft copper wire, the identification method is very simple, use a lighter outside The flame burns one end of the copper wire. Because aluminum wire has a lower melting point than copper wire, if it is copper-clad aluminum, the flame burning part will quickly turn to ashes, leaving nothing. After the pure copper burns, the copper wire will shrink back quickly, and a small ball will always be left on the wire during Polyurethane Enameled Copper Wire the shrinking process. Comparison of copper-clad aluminum wire: Compared with pure copper wire, copper-clad aluminum wire has the advantages of good conductivity and light weight, has obvious economic benefits, and has good flexibility in construction and is easy to operate. The length ratio under the same wire warp weight is 2.45:1. Therefore, purchasing 1 ton of copper-clad aluminum wire is equivalent to purchasing 2.45 tons of pure copper wire, which has a huge cost-saving advantage; compared with pure aluminum wire: higher conductivity, and Enhanced tensile strength and elongation, good weldability: copper clad aluminum wire is concentrically coated with a layer of pure copper, so it has the same weldability as pure copper wire, which makes the product mechanical and applicable Sex has been greatly improved. More information: Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

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