Beginner’s Guide to Warframe: Getting to know the game Part-2- Levelling

What is a Warframe?

A Warframe is a suite containing 4 active distinct abilities and passive abilities. Since this is beginners we won’t be discussing the quests as they would ruin the lore for you lot.

For now consider Warframes as a suit of armor you wear around yourselves, giving you special abilities to hack away at your enemies.

There are a total of 21 mission types available in the game and you will be introduced to them as you level up.


Leveling in Warframe is tracked by Mastery points. At the time of writing this article, there are a total of 69 Warframes, 383 warframe weapons, 24 companions, 17 sentinels, 5 archwings, 19 archwing weapons, 23 special weapons that you can build out of different parts(amps, Kitgum, Zaw) and 7 MOAs.

Each of these has its own leveling system which caps at level 30, including your Warframes. You only get mastery points for leveling them the FIRST TIME. they are brought back to level 1 when you forma them, but that’s a topic for another day.

Your experience gets converted into mastery points(for the first time only) and adds up to your total Mastery Ranks. There are a total of 30 mastery ranks so you have your work cut out for you.


Let’s take a deeper look at modding. You can mod anything that gives mastery. This includes weapons, companions, sentinels, archwings and even Warframes.

A mod enhances your stats such as fire rate, shield regeneration speed and much more. There are hundreds of mods each with its rarity. You can upgrade mods to make them more powerful as well.

Each mod has a certain polarity which is determined by its nature. The Serration mod(a staple for any assault rifle) a fully upgraded Serration Mod boosts your weapon’s damage by 150%. It has a Madurai polarity which signifies damage.

Your gear also has certain polarities in their slots. Inserting your mods cost points. If you insert them in like polarity slots it costs half the points. Non-polarized slots don’t affect the cost and inserting mods of a particular polarity in a different slot cost you more points.

It’s quite simple after the first five hours.


Forma is a craftable resource you use to build other premium weapons and also to change the polarity of your mod slots. If you have a Vazarin slot(looks like a D) and have a Madurai mod(looks like a V), you can use a forma to change the polarity of the Vazarin slot into a Madurai.

However, note that using a forma resets the gear to level 1. Usually levels restrict the mod cost capacity, you need to level up to 33 before you can insert back all your mods.


Leveling gears is quite easy. Repeating waves of defensive missions alongside a team is a great wat to farm affinity(XP). You can also run solo mission with a stealth frame such as Loki or Ivara as stealth kills add an affinity modifier to every kill. It’s all hard work and you cannot use platinum ( to buy your way to the top, but you can buy some just to support devs for creating such a wonderful game.

We will talk about more advanced techs and tips that will help you ease into the game. See you next time! Clem!

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