Two or more rows of rolling elements are installed in the same set of bearings

A number of rolling elements are installed between the bearing ring or between the shaft and the seat ring. The most common bearings are rolling bearings. According to the number of rows of rolling elements, bearings can also be divided into double-row and multi-row bearings. Dry sliding bearings are divided into dry sliding bushings, sliding gaskets, and linear sliding bars.

The concept of a bearing is very broad. Two or more rows of rolling elements are installed in the same set of bearings. Bearings with rolling elements are classified as rolling bearings; sliding bearings generally refer to bearings without rolling elements, and bearings for sliding motion are all sliding bearings. For radial and axial, please see the figure below: The classification of sliding bearings is mainly divided into joint bearings and dry sliding bearings.

The above figure lists only the three most common and commonly used single-row rolling bearings. When it is less than 45°, the bearing mainly carries radial force, which is called radial bearing; when the contact angle is between 45° and 90°, it is called thrust bearing.Definition of bearing: A bearing is a part that supports a shaft. The classification of rolling bearings is mainly classified according to the shape of the rolling elements, the bearing force and the structure type.

It can guide the rotation of the shaft and can also withstand idling parts on the shaft. Joint bearings are divided into centripetal joints, thrust joints, rod end joint devices, etc. The structure China roller bearing manufacturers of the rolling bearing is generally composed of the inner ring, the outer ring, the rolling element and the cage., which are divided into two categories: lubricating and self-lubricating. Classification diagram of sliding bearings. See the figure below, the icon below shows the name of each component of the bearing. Bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings

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