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The situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing day by day, even hour by hour. Businesses, schools, and other organizations are being impacted by a steady stream of new cases. Plans for response are hard to create in this very dynamic environment. Coronavirus is leading to mandatory work/learn/etc. Since March 2020, most establishments across the world have seen a transition in what was traditionally considered a ‘workplace’ to a ‘virtual workspace’ as employees was now required to work from their home. Apart from the reduction of operational costs, there is a growing realization that productivity of employees has not been compromised while working from home. Therefore, work from home is not only a continuing phenomenon at present but is deemed as the ‘new normal’ and is likely to stay even after pandemic discontinues holding the sway.

Remote working is on an all-time high demand. Its growth has been accelerated 10 fold due to coronavirus pandemic. The best thing about remote government jobs is that anyone can do them without needing to go out. All that’s required is a smartphone or computer system. Being a tech-dependent generation, we all have these gears at our disposal. So online government jobs seem to be an easy way to earn some revenue in these tough times. After all, no matter how tough times are, we still need money to sustain our lives.

Government jobs are the jobs where you’re employed in a service controlled by the government. There are various kinds of government jobs like police, librarian, social worker, teacher, school counselor, etc. Sometimes you’ll be directly working for the government and at times under companies or organizations run by the government. Work from home government jobs are jobs that you do from your house or any other remote location. And for your service, you are paid remuneration.  Work from home government jobs are not the same as regular government jobs. In regular government jobs, you need to be present in the office or working premises. Also, the pay scale of regular government jobs is usually larger than in online government jobs.

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