The Major Trends Influencing Cream Jar Care Packaging

As rising income and change in legislation affect developing countries, China Cream Jar(KEXON) care buying habits are changing. Not only are hygiene rituals becoming more advanced and involving more products, but reusable and recyclable packaging is becoming more important.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainability has never been more important. Refillable packaging, lightweight packaging, and smaller aerosol containers are just some of the trends that major brands have caught onto. These options can also offer better pricing for savvy shoppers.

More Portable Packaging

Today, many consumers have a major interest in travel. They prefer products that travel easily and meet the size limits for the airport. These products also should favor easy dispensing and squeezable tubes.

Value-Size Products

This ties into the portable packaging aspect, but consumers also attribute value to the smaller cosmetics. For example, buying travel sizes of luxury makeup or perfume allows consumers to have a larger collection of items.

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Sprayer Ensures Casual Control

The brand team from hair care specialist Unilever Toni & Guy has selected Rieke’s 609 Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) for its Glamour 3D Volumiser.

The gel’s lightweight formula is applied from root to tip on wet hair, which is then dried to create volume with a shimmering shine. The 609 Sprayer offers an easy light touch operation for the consumer with controlled dispense of the product.

The Trigger design also aids control and direction of the spray during application.

The sprayer’s robust construction is able to cope with the sticky consistency of the gel to deliver a consistently smooth and reliable operation. It also provides effective protection to ensure that the gel does not dry out during usage.

The 609 is produced in an attractive stone colour to provide a stylish contrast to the container and create a high-impact, premium image on shelf.

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Wide Selection of Cream Jar

McKernan Packaging Clearing House carries a wide selection of wholesale China Cream Jar(KEXON) including paragon jars, hexagon jars, wide mouth jars, cosmetic jars, and more!

In addition to our wholesale Cream Jars, we carry a large variety of Best Value jars including, food jars, cosmetic jars, candle glass, and personal care jars. All of these Cream Jars are in stock and ready to ship!

The wholesale packaging Cream Jars come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Some of these shapes include tall and narrow paragon jars, wide mouth jars, straight-sided jars, thick base jars, square jars, round jars and hexagon jars. No matter what your product is, we have a great Cream Jar option for you!

With sizes ranging from 4.2 ML to 2 Liters, our Cream Jars are the perfect solution for your product. Most of our Cream Jars are clear/flint, while our cosmetic jars also come in frosted, brushed aluminum shelled and black/gold shelled.

Don’t forget to pick out a matching metal closure! We have many options and a wide range of colors and sizes for you to find your perfect match. Finish sizes range from 20mm to 110mm, and many come with plastisol liners.

Also, when choosing a metal closure, you need to make sure you get the right closure for your container. McKernan has a simple guide to help you measure.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Cream Jar

The use of China Cream Jar(KEXON) in the process, may also encounter the need to clean the Jar clean situation, this time we need to pay attention to the following matters before they can do a good job in Jar cleaning work, but also to protect the Jar, to avoid Quality is damaged due to bad cleaning:

Cleaning things one: If the Cream Jar surface oil and other difficult to wipe clean dirt, we can use the soft difference is not covered with warm water dilution of the central detergent to gently wipe, the use of detergent decontamination and warm water soaking, The stubborn dirt that promotes the surface of the Jar is easily erased.

Cleaning matters 2:Cream Jar attached to the surface of the dust, garbage, oil and other substances, the correct method of cleaning is to use a soft cloth dipped in clean water gently wipe, and before wiping theJar, you should first Jar The surface of the particles of relatively hard foreign body first brush off, before they can wipe. Otherwise there may be in the process of wiping, because the friction of these hard objects, resulting in damage to the surface of the Jar.

In addition, when cleaning the Cream Jar, we also have to pay attention to see the choice of the center of the detergent is easy to use, must ensure that the use of solvents is not containing neutral detergent, or it may be because the detergent solvent Corrosion, causing Jar to be damaged during the cleaning process.

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Teach you how to maintain an electric sprayer

Large capacity electric Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) for convenient use, high efficiency, more and more farmers love, has become a major tool for greenhouse pest control. However, the medical “delicate”, once the nozzle in the use of improper operation, maintenance is not timely, it is prone to failure. How to maintain, and can prolong the service life of the sprayer, the reporter interviewed specially engaged in the work of Han spray sales manager, he suggested that farmers should do the following.

First, the first official use, check whether the connection is leaking. When used, the first installation of water spray, and then installed agent. When the first dosing drug with water, liquid level can not exceed the safety level. Before spraying, the electric sprayer opened in advance, the barrel pressure increased to the working pressure, to ensure smooth spraying.

Secondly, spray after use, should first put the liquid medicine barrel, hose, spray rods and other parts clean, should pay special attention to remove the pump on the grease and dirt bucket bottom concave liquid. Because the majority of pesticides have some corrosion of the sprayer, so after the closure, in a timely manner with alkaline wash again, then rinse with water. Especially Bordeaux spray corrosive pesticide, preferably with salt water for 1-2 hours. Should pay attention to prevent rust. All the parts that can be disassembled, must be removed and washed. Spray rod, the inner tube wall of the nozzle must be coated with oil, so as not to damp rust.

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Sprayer Nozzles

Most people use a Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON)  for spraying. there are many kinds of nozzles used at home and abroad. Hand spray equipment, according to the spray shape of the spray into the hollow cone shaped nozzles, solid cone shaped nozzles and fan nozzles, etc.. In our country, still in use in the last century in 50s developed countries have eliminated the workers and peasants, -16 type manual sprayer.

The spray nozzle is mostly hollow conical spray droplet diameter is about 200 microns. In order to strive to spray the liquid evenly, the average volume of one acre of land to be at least 30 kg of liquid. Because the liquid nozzle is empty. In plants, in order to achieve uniform injection continuously swing spray rod, “Z” type traveling spray deposition forming shape ring ring type, causing some parts of no deposition, effect is not good, some parts of deposition solution too much appears to injury.

The medicine mist nozzle was a fan shape, falling liquid on plants is relatively uniform, and the medicine drop diameter is relatively small, generally below 100 microns. At the same time, because of spraying liquid, liquid spray amount per acre is significantly reduced, in the seedling stage of crop acres of land with 15 kg can be. On cucumber, the liquid deposition rate on cucumber leaves was 34.1% when spraying with a hollow cone nozzle. Fan nozzle is 44.5%. In rape field, the control effect of the hollow cone nozzle is 92% and 98%, and the control effect is.

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Plastic Pump Foam Bottle

Elegant twist up style Plastic Pump Foam Bottle creates more consumer interest hence increase product value

Plastic Pump Foam Bottle are made of Plastic Pump Foam Bottle,PE Bottle,PP Bottle Manufacturers(KEXON) manufacture.Plastic Pump Foam Bottle will prevent the product being exposed to air during use to prevent compromising the active ingredients as well as prolong shelf life. This twist up style airless pump bottle is very stylish and sleek in appearance and it travels well. It provides ease of use and minimizes waste as the product is being pushed up to the pump via a disc. The actual product is housed in a white tube and the outer body of the pump is a clear acrylic sleeve. Screen printing or labeling can be placed on the white area of the tube then slide on the clear outer sleeve to snap in place by using a pressing tool to close the pump and bottle

If an airless bottle is being filled by hand, be sure to fill slowly and eliminate all air bubbles. In addition, fill the product all the way to the neck of the bottle, otherwise, the pump may not function properly.

Capacity: available in 15 ml & 30 ml

Color: White inner body with clear outer sleeve

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Qosmedix adds new flip top Cream Jar

Qosmedix has added two new China Cream Jar(KEXON) with flip top sifters and threaded black caps that are perfect for packaging loose eye shadows, pigments, powders or glitter. The simple flip top action of the included sifter helps prevent contents from spilling or collecting in the cap.

To use, gently lift the ridge to open, dose out the desired amount and then close. Two standard sizes are now available: 5 ml (Part # 10042) and 10 ml (Part # 10043).

Qosmedix is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified global supplier to the cosmetic, skin care, spa and salon industries. Founded in 1987 on the concept of maintaining hygienic practices during beauty consultations, the company has since expanded its line to provide an array of high quality products that offer both convenience and value to its customers. The vast inventory includes disposable applicators, professional brushes, specialty swabs, makeup sponges, spa wear, jars, bottles and much more.

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Need to Find the Correct China Cream Jar Sifters?

At Beauty Makeup Supply, we offer the convenience of having China Cream Jar(KEXON) sifters to match with the cosmetic jars we sell so you will never need to be searching for jar sifters also we ensure the jars and sifters fit properly. However, some of you may have already purchased the cosmetic jars previously and in need of sifters to match those jars.

The fitting of a jar sifter to a jar must be precise. A sifter that fits too tight may eventually crack the neck of the cosmetic jar, a sifter that fits too loose may slide out of the jar during shipping. Therefore, the precise fitting of a jar sifters to the cosmetic jar is necessary to ensure no damage or spillage.

The Cosmetic Jar Sifter Sample Kit is an assortment of all of the cosmetic jar sifters we sell. In the kit, there is one of each size, type, and style of cosmetic jar sifter. Each one of the jar sifter is labeled with our SKU so in the event you find the correct sifter match, you will be able to order the specific jar sifter by SKU. Wholesale pricing is available for all cosmetic jar sifters and discounted based on the quantity.

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Kexon Plastic Trigger Sprayer

Common market Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) are made of a cylinder-ellipsoidal container plus a placement at the bottom of the piston. Its design principle is to use metal springs contractility, and do not allow air to enter the bottle, causing a vacuum and atmospheric pressure to push the bottom of the piston forward. But due to the spring force and the atmospheric pressure does not give enough power, so the piston can not be with the wall joint is too tight, otherwise the piston will move forward because resistance is too large and cannot be increased and vice versa, to let the Pistons easily prone to leaking, so the Trigger Sprayer failure rate is very high.

Trigger Sprayer piston system and leave too little space to design, is not conducive to branded by shape and decoration to create your own unique image. Furthermore, the Trigger Sprayer pressure system structure is too complex, the material is not conducive to recycling, the cost is relatively high.

This Trigger Sprayer is served in a liquid can be both cold and hot temperatures remain constant within a certain time. Due to Trigger Sprayer are mainly used for hot water insulation in the home, it is also called the hot water bottle.

Stru cture of Trigger Sprayer is not complicated. For double-layer glass, and vacuum state between the two layers, and silver or aluminium, vacuum thermal convection can be avoided, the glass itself is a poor conductor of heat, silver-plated glass you can reflect back to the radiant heat inside the container. Conversely, if the bottles stored in the cold liquid, this bottle can also prevent heat radiation into the bottle outside.

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