Things to consider before choosing a floor cleaner when you have a baby or pets at home

We all know that healthy cleaners ought to be used, sadly, not all are produced with healthy ingredients. Several materials are corrosive and poisonous to your family, but they can “clean” well. These toxic chemicals can leave terrible residues, which are particularly dangerous on food surfaces and cause indoor air pollution and other medical issues.

It is so necessary to choose healthy items when it comes to the things we use on a daily basis, but the seas are difficult at first to navigate.

Here are few points for easy selection of best and healthy floor cleaner-

Ingredients Matter:

Start with the list of ingredients. When you don’t know what ingredients are there in the cleaner you are picking up, stop yourself there.

Before buying any floor cleaner, first find out what its ingredients are and how it’s made and when you have kids or pets, prefer baby safe floor cleaner.

The lack of a list of ingredients is a huge red flag. Avoid them!

Outsmart labelling tricks:

Only because the label says “natural,” doesn’t imply that it is non-toxic or even “ecological.” If you’re looking for floor cleaners, it can be a good place to start, but check it! Take a look and evaluate the ingredients. If you don’t know what the ingredients mean, look at their health protection rates in the EWG Guide before calling it your best floor cleaner in India.

Your home based DIY choices for you to know-

There are also outstanding cleaning materials that do not have any chemicals and are made up of all-natural products. Know it, use it, save money and thank us for the decline of your homes toxins.

Baking Soda:

Baking Soda is used to purify so many items. Combine baking soda with a little water and add to your floor cleaning water. Add vinegar or dish cleaner to scrub super sturdy tiles, pots and pans, tapestry, bathrooms, sinks!


Borax is a widely used washing additive and can be used for household cleaning and can team up to be a pet safe floor cleaner, but using it in excessive quantity is not safe. So use with great care in a home with young children.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is great in cleaners, cutting grease and lightening stains.

Washing Soda:

Soda washes are similar to but stronger than baking soda. It is a perfect additive for washing and is also used on the floors.

We hope you have enough tips to pick the best floor cleaner in India.

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