Fish steak refers to the cages used by fishermen to raise precious fish

According to this calculation, the pen sound is basically consistent with the actual high tide time. The ferry terminal is relatively unsatisfactory due to the noisy sound of people and vehicles. Because of the deep waters and calm waves here, fish hiding places are wide, and food trucks are abundant. Because the fish steaks are selected in the sea, clean and pollution-free, calm and calm, suitable for fish growth.

Fish steak refers to the cages used by fishermen to raise precious fish. Fishing friends may wish to give it a try. Think, explore actively, and be brave to discover. The harvest will be more vehicles and fishing will be more interesting. A large number of rocks and embankment facilities dumped during the blocking of the sea form an artificial rock area on the seabed, and over time, a large number of fish and shrimp can also be gathered.

The food scattered in the sea when the fishermen feed the fish provides the China Wholesale fishing tackle Suppliers fish with rich food, so the fish under the fish steaks are plentiful and plump. It is also a good point to come, especially at night when the boat stops quietly. The biggest feature of sea fishing is different from freshwater fishing is that new water has a great influence on fish eating. Natural fish steak has become an ideal fishing ground for anglers.A fishing friend from the Diaoyu Club introduced a method for calculating the high tide.

This method is easy to calculate and memorize. Therefore, to choose a good fishing spot, you must also fish according to the fluctuation of the tide.8, and in the second half of the month, subtract 15 from the number of lunar calendar days and multiply by 0. However, the steamed buns and cakes thrown into the sea by the ferry passengers, the rice and tea dumped by the ferry into the sea, and the excellent ferry harbor makes it easy for fish to follow the tide.

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