Details about 1 Oz Great Britain Two Dragons 999 Silver Coin

In 2018, UK Royal Mint has released a spectacular 1 Oz Two Dragons 999 Silver bullion Coin. This silver coin is a must-have purchase for every coin collectors and investors. The demand for this unique silver coin is already on the rise. So our recommendation is that you should grab it before it gets sold out. So let’s talk about some interesting facts about this coin.

Design of the Two Dragon Silver Bullion Coin

In 2018, this silver bullion coin has released limited to only 50000 pieces worldwide. 1oz Two Dragons silver bullion coin includes .999 pure silver. As you know Royal Mint is recognized for its reputation releasing the unique design with the best quality. This coin is not an exception. The design, quality, overall craftsmanship is maintained very carefully. The reverse design of this coin celebrates Fifty years of production of Royal Mint’s present base in Wales. It also indicates the expansion of the bullion coin into China. The design of the Two Dragon is influenced by the Yin and Yang. With a fiery Welsh Dragon, a Chinese traditional dragon is incorporated.

Meet the dragons | Design

The Welsh dragon is an impressive character. This fiery dragon is once taken from the ancient battlefields. Welsh dragon is one of the mythical beasts that are connected with the history of the sovereignty of this day. This creature can also be found on the Wales Red Dragon bullion coin which is one of the best-selling coins from Queen’s beast series.

Now, let’s talk about other Dragon which is represented the Chinese tradition. These Chinese dragons are generally correlated with the Lunar Series and Chinese Zodiac coins. According to the Chinese ancient history and mythology, dragons symbolize the power and strength. It can also control the elements. Incorporating the two remarkable creatures, resulting in an impressive bullion coin. Another side of 2018 1oz Two Dragons Silver coin includes the Jody Clark portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a new guilloche background.

Main Features

1. A UK Royal Mint’s Production.

2. Includes 1 Oz of .999 pure silver.

3. The front side features the portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II with a guilloche background design.

4. Reverse side features the incorporation of the Chinese dragon and the Welsh dragon in a formation of Yin/Yang.

5. Limited to 50000 pieces worldwide.

6. CGT Exempt and VAT Free.

7. UK Government ensures the purity and weight.

8. Minted to silver bullion standard.


Again, it’s out highly recommendation to buy this silver bullion coin. There are lots of physical and online store like LPM are offering this limited edition coin. Grab it before sold out. Thanks!


Four Reasons of Having Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins

Muenze Oesterreich, a famous Austrian Mint Company has been creating some amazing products over Eight Hundred Years. Among all the products Philharmonic coins is the most extraordinary collection. Have you considered investing in Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins? Well! Congratulations! In this article, we are discussing four reasons why you should include Philharmonic coins in your collections…

1. A Perfect Product Comes from High-Quality Mint

Before buying gold or silver, you have to purchase always from the respected source with a proven record. Hence, the Austrian Mint has maintained its quality, and it is one of the largest mints in Europe. It also has a reputation for rich tradition and craftsmanship. Coin’s high quality even be eligible for use in an Individual Retirement Account. Muenze Oesterreich sold almost 23.52 tons of Philharmonic gold alone in 2015, which makes them one of the largest gold coin selling companies along with American Eagle Collections and Canadian Maple.

2. Different Sizes with Limited Mintage

Different from many other coin collections, Philharmonic Gold Coins comes in a great variety of sizes. The big one comes in as 1 Oz and others respectively come in as ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, 1/25 oz gold. The weight and purity guaranteed by the company. World Gold Council declared this gold coin the best-selling gold coin in 1992, 1995, 1996 and 2000. Respecting the 15th anniversary of Europe’s pure gold bullion coin, Austrian Mint introduces the huge “thousand Oz Vienna Philharmonic Coin”. This coin also refers to as “Big Phil”. Only 15 of those are available on this world and each of them carrying the weight of 30 kilos with pure .9999 fine gold. The Philharmonic also has the collection of Silver coin and platinum coin to enrich their storage.

3. Historical Attraction and Beautiful Design

Thomas Pesendorfer, a legendary Austrian engraver designed this coin to portray the orchestral instruments like Cello, Violins, Vienna horn, Basson, and Harp. Followed by the German engraving Wiener Philharmonic also refers to as Vienna Philharmonic. Portray of these instruments represents the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the rich culture of Austria. The other side of the coin portrays “Great Organ” which is situated at Vienna’s renowned “Golden Hall”. This is the place where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra stages their performance. The Country of issue, Tender Value, Weight and purity are also engraved.

4. Availability

The Philharmonic gold, silver, and platinum collections are so famous that they are available almost in every country. As it is the most popular coin in the market whole over the world, it is accepted everywhere. You can sell your Philharmonic investment anywhere you want. It is easy to sell and the most trusted coin whole over the world.

However, don’t forget to buy any of these coins from a reputed distributor. Choose a well-known and reputed online merchant like who can provide the best Austrian Mint products to you. Also, don’t forget to check the original packaging with plastic tubes.