Details about 2019 1/20 oz Australian Lunar Year of the Pig 2019 Gold Coin

The 1/20 oz Australian Lunar Year of the Pig 2019 gold coin is the latest coin from Perth Mint. Australian Lunar Bullion Coin Series II gives its finale in 2019 with portraying the pig on its surface from the 12-year lunar calendar. Perth Mint Australia’s global leader in Gold and silver coins shows great attention to detail, and each coin of this series is well crafted.

1/20 oz Australian Lunar Year of the Pig 2019 Gold Coin contains 99.99% pure gold with an excellent quality. The coin symbolizes the year of the Pig with a fascinating design marking this social, very smart, and inquisitive animal. It’s designed with a unique minting procedure that guarantees the coin has particularly shiny and covering surfaces with lots of detail. This gold coin is really a piece of spectacular gold art perfect for hobbyists and collectors with an eye for value.

Why You Should Buy This Coin

Perth Mint’s Lunar Year of the Pig gold coins are created based on the traditional Chinese Lunar calendar. This lunar coin indicates the Year of the Pig with an excellent design celebrating highly intelligent animal.

This coin can be a great gift for your closest and loved ones. Praise and appreciate your loved ones by inscripted their values and year of birth in shiny and pure 24 karat gold. This gift will remain with them always.

Australian Lunar Year of the Pig gold coins are crafted in highest quality. Each gold coin is crafted by The Perth Mint, one of the global contributors to precious metals also found in the distributor’s shop (LPM.HK) locally and online.

Another reason you should buy Australian Lunar Year of the Pig gold coin, it’s rare. Although smaller mint coins are available, the mintage time period sets boundaries to coins’ number – they’re created during just one year.

These coins can bring you great value – It’s money. The Gold Lunar Series was launched in 1996. This Year of the Pig is recognized to be legal value by the Australian Government.

History of Australian Lunar Gold Coins

It’s considered that the Chinese lunar calendar was formed almost 5 millennia ago by ancient ruling dynasties. Since that time period, the Chinese calendar has been continuously developed by astrophysicists of several royal Chinese rulers, finishing in the last version that was added stated by the earth’s journey around the sun but became into a lunar calendar, thus securing it formally a lunisolar calendar.

The 1st Australian Lunar gold coin series created by The Perth Mint in between 1996-2007, and became the successful bullion series exceeding expectation among collector and investors. Therefore, towards the finish of the 1st series, the market demand for second 12-year Lunar coin series became skyrocketing.

Adding even further to the demand of Lunar Year of the Pig Series II, most of the coins are discovered with a bigger diameter than standard, continuing to their reputable appearance.


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