Getting pregnant: how long does it take?

When you want to have a baby, it is natural to hope that pregnancy will come as soon as possible. To maximize your chances of getting pregnant quickly, it is important to calculate your ovulation date to know when it is best to conceive.

Choosing the right time to have a baby: the date of ovulation
Baby Might Not Be Crawling To have a baby, there has to be fertilization. And for fertilization to occur, you need an oocyte on one side and a sperm on the other. This happens only a few days per cycle. In order to maximize the chances of pregnancy, it is important to detect this ” fertility window “, which is a good time for conception.

For this, it is necessary to calculate its ovulation date. On regular cycles, it takes place on the 14th day of the cycle, but some women have shorter cycles, others longer, even irregular cycles. It is difficult to know when ovulation occurs. Different methods can then be used to determine the date of ovulation: the temperature curve, the observation of cervical mucus and ovulation tests – these being the most reliable method.

Baby Names Starting with A Once the date of ovulation is known, it is possible to determine its fertility window which takes into account on the one hand the life of the spermatozoon and on the other hand that of the fertilized oocyte. Namely :

once released at the time of ovulation, the oocyte is fertilizable only 12 to 24 hours ;
sperm can remain fertilizing in the female genital tract for 3 to 5 days.
Specialists recommend having intercourse at least every two days around ovulation, including before. Knowing however that this good timing does not guarantee 100% the occurrence of a pregnancy.

How many trials does it take to get pregnant ?
This question cannot be answered because fertility depends on many parameters : the quality of the ovulation, the uterine mucosa, the cervical mucus, the condition of the tubes, the quality of the sperm. Many factors can influence these parameters : age, diet, stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, being overweight or thin, surgical sequelae, etc.

Baby Names Starting With M It is possible, however, to give purely indicative averages. Thus, according to the latest figures from INED (1), out of 100 average fertility couples who want a child, only 25% will get pregnant by the first month. After 12 months, 97% will have succeeded. On average, couples take seven months to get pregnant.

An important factor to consider is the frequency of sexual intercourse : the greater the number, the greater the chance of conceiving. Thus, over a period of one year, it was calculated that :

making love once a week, the chances of getting pregnant are 17% ;
twice a week, they are 32 % ;
three times a week : 46 % ;
more than four times a week : 83 %. (2)
However, these figures should be modulated according to a key factor in fertility : the age of the woman, because female fertility falls sharply after 35 years. Thus, the probability of having a child is :

25% per cycle at 25 years ;
12% per cycle at age 35 ;
6% per cycle at age 40 ;
almost none after the age of 45 (3).
How to manage the wait ?
When a couple embarks on the ” baby trials “, the occurrence of menses can sound, every month, like a small failure. However, it should be kept in mind that even when planning her sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation, the chances of pregnancy are not 100% in each cycle, without this being the sign of a fertility problem.

The specialists advise not to “think about it too much”, even if it is difficult when the desire for a child becomes stronger and stronger.

Should we worry when it doesn’t work ?
Doctors refer to infertility when, in the absence of contraception and with regular intercourse (at least 2 to 3 per week), a couple fails to conceive a child after 12 to 18 months (if the woman is under 35-36 years of age). After 37-38 years, it is advisable to establish an initial assessment after a waiting period of 6 to 9 months, because fertility decreases rapidly at this age, and with it the effectiveness of AMP techniques.


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