Brisbane Backyards Cooking With Wood Fired Tradition.

Wood fired ovens are fast becoming the backyard must have. With more families seeing the benefits such a traditional and delicious way of cooking can bring to their everyday lives. Brisbane backyards are being transformed with wood fired ovens, from long lazy Saturday evening pizzas, to warm stew in winter, a wood fired oven is an experience, not just an oven.

Cooking in a My wood fired oven is the result of hundreds of years of traditional cooking knowledge meshed with the pinnacle of design and function. My wood fired oven produces a range of wood fired and pizza ovens, handmade individually in Portugal, a city renowned for its superb clay qualities and craftmanship. The terra cotta bricks are made from some of the finest clay in the world and all ovens include all -natural materials. This includes terracotta kiln-fired bricks, mineral insulation and refractory clay tiles. Each oven is a work of art taking days to complete to the highest standard.

wood fired oven

The hardest part of buying a wood fired oven for your Brisbane backyard will be deciding which one to purchase. My wood fired oven offers a wood fired oven to suit every family. From the home chefs who love to cook up a gourmet feast for gatherings, to the tight on space, My wood fired oven has a wood fired oven to suit.

For a wood fired oven capable of cooking nearly anything with a sophisticated finish My wood fired oven offers a gourmet range. The gourmet range starts with the smallest Etna 100, a beautiful white and brick finished wood fired oven with a 36cm x 30cm door, capable of cooking a full family meal. The slightly larger Etna 120 features a 40cm x 40 cm door for those larger feasts, also with white and brick finish. Both the Etna 100 and Etna 120 feature a stainless-steel door. Should you wish for a more traditional looking gourmet wood fired oven then the Etna Pietra 100 is for you, featuring cast aluminium door and Portuguese natural stone finish in your choice of sand or charcoal colour. Each gourmet wood fired oven comes with stainless steel chimney outlet, stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap and chimney valve. Extension chimneys are available should you wish to place your gourmet wood fired oven under an existing structure. The gourmet wood fired ovens come with a large terracotta oven dish, booklet with instructions and recipes and a Raytek laser gun thermometer to ensure correct temperature while cooking. The Etna 100 and Etna 120 also have the option of acrylic outdoor paint should you wish to colour your oven to suit your Brisbane entertaining area.

Maybe your Brisbane backyard is more of a little patch and or a veranda, then a portable wood fired oven is a great idea. My wood fired oven creates portable versions in their extremely popular wood fired and pizza ovens.

These beautiful ovens are really a work of art, that will have your family and friends gathering around a delicious feast in no time. The Piccolo draws on traditional wood fired ovens engineered to make sure there is even heat distribution within the chamber. Smaller in size doesn’t mean a compromise on meal size though, with a large cooking floor a 36cms stone fits a huge pizza or cooking dish.  The most eye catching of the Piccolo is the stunning outer shell, this decorative floating shell has been engineered to remain cool. Or there is the Maximus, this portable pizza oven holds 2 family sized pizzas. With a pizza cooking time of only 2 minutes you can still cook feasts when you want. The quick heat up time of only 15mins means you can forget about cooking in your indoor kitchen and enjoy the relaxing aromas of wood fired cooking any time. A portable wood fired oven or pizza oven is the perfect choice for fast and delicious wood flavoured meals everyone can enjoy.

For the perfect crispy pizza, cooked in 2 minutes, a wood fired pizza oven will have your Brisbane friends and family lining up for dinner dates. Wood fired pizza ovens are designed with a lower dome that allows for faster heat reflection from the oven floor, in turn helping you to create the perfectly cooked pizza. My wood fired oven offer three types of pizza ovens from the traditional Portuguese stone finished Pizzaioli Pietra 100 with cast aluminium door to the sophisticated modern Pizzaioli 100 and 120 models

However, these pizza ovensare not only suitable for pizza, these beautiful pizza ovens are perfect to cook roasts, breads, potato and vegetable dishes along with a range of other meals.

My wood fired oven offer a wonderful range of wood fired ovens in a variety of styles, with a depot in Brisbane some models can be also collected directly. The wood fired ovens are also shipped across the country and beyond. Why not take a leaf out of European tradition and live life with food and family around the inviting aromas of a wood fired oven feast.

What’s the Best Wood Fired Oven to Buy?

What is it about pizza? Everyone knows what it is, pretty much everyone has eaten it at least once in their lives. The aroma of pizza is enough to make anyone’s mouth water! But here’s the thing; we now know that pizza is good for us!

Yep, it’s time to stand up to those who say pizza is fattening and unhealthy, it’s time to indulge, it’s time to look for a wood fired oven for sale!

Okay, to be fair, pizza can be fattening depending what you put on it. But if you follow the rule, all things in moderation, and you choose your ingredients with care, pizza can be healthy.

For starters, pretty much all pizza recipes include tomato and tomatoes contain lycopene, the antioxidant that can help prevent heart disease and other illnesses. Research shows that combining lycopene with a small amount of fat makes it even better, so that’s a tick for the cheese!

Wood Fired Oven for Sale

Pizza is one of the healthiest ‘fast foods’ – much better than devouring giant cheeseburgers with a mountain of chips. That’s another plus for pizza!

wood fired oven for sale

Pizza can also be a good source of protein, even if you don’t include meat. Thanks to the cheese, one slice can give you 15 grams of protein, providing energy.

Pizza is a great way of getting some vegies into fussy eaters. And, because the pizza cooks so quickly in a proper wood fired oven, all the taste and goodness are locked in, delivering huge health benefits.

In the past, if you wanted to enjoy authentic pizza, you had to head to your local pizzeria or overseas to Italy, Greece or Portugal. But now, if you’re looking for a wood fired oven to buy, you can get a great price on an authentic, hand-made Portuguese pizza oven through an Australian manufacturer.

There are many different wood fired ovens on the market, so do your homework; not all of them are what they’re made out to be.

Wood Fired Oven Buy

There’s no argument that the best pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven. This is because a properly designed and made wood fired oven can reach very high temperatures, cooking the pizza quickly, to lock in that taste and create a delicious thin crust.

Pizza cooked in a conventional oven can be soggy and disappointing due to insufficient heat. Whilst you can use your wood fired oven for slow-cooked food once the temperature drops down, the secret to great pizza is that short burst of extreme heat.

Without that, the pizza ‘stews’, taking too long to cook and causing the juices from the toppings to soak into the dough.

In a wood fired oven, your pizza is ready in just two to three minutes.It’s fast and efficient with that unique and mouth-watering wood smoke flavour that you’ll never get from a conventional oven.

Go Portuguese

If you’re looking for a wood-fired oven to buy, carefully consider the design and the materials. A Portuguese oven is your best choice, with the right refractory bricks, insulation and dome design to perfectly cook everything from pizza to puddings.

To achieve this, the home-made clay bricks should have been fired at between 900C and 1000C.

These bricks should be layered with high-quality insulating cement and thick rockwool insulation for the best results. And believe it or not, these great features don’t really add to the price. It depends where you shop.

Yes, there are cheap wood-fired ovens on the market that don’t have the bricks and the layers of insulation; they are not authentic wood-fired ovens and you won’t get the same results.

Best Choice

You’ll also find the best wood fired oven for sale combines that traditional design and authentic materials with modern technology. For best results and durability, choose a model where the door and chimney structure are made from stainless steel. This is particularly important if you live near the coast, and you might also want to protect your wood fired oven with a cover.

Wood-fired ovens are a healthy and environmentally friendly way to cook, using natural fuel and locking in important vitamins and minerals. To make them even more economical, experiment with your oven to create several dishes at once. For example, cook your pizza at the highest temperature and then, as the temperature starts to drop, use it for roasts and bakes.

Remember, the type of wood you burn will make a difference. Hard woods white gum and jarrah are ideal, because they are denser than, say, pine and radiate more heat as they burn. Never use laminated woods or wood that has been chemically treated, painted or glued. Also use wood that is dry and well-seasoned to avoid smoke.

Find The Finest Wood Fired Pizza Oven Australia

Have you noticed how much better pizza tastes when it’s been cooked in a wood fired oven? Have you ever wondered why that is? And would you like to recreate those same delicious flavours at home?

If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions, read on!

There was a time when authentic wood fired pizza ovens were only seen in Italian restaurants. Hard to get and very expensive, they were not considered a home appliance. However, all that has now changed, and home pizza ovens are becoming more popular than barbecues.

The reason wood fired pizza tastes so much better is the cooking method. Conventional ovens cannot reach the same high temperatures as a wood fired oven. That means it takes longer to cook the pizza, often resulting in an over-cooked topping on a soggy base.

Authentic wood fired ovens are designed much better. They tend to feature a domed or tunnel shaped roof and are made using refractory bricks – that is, bricks designed to retain heat.

Wood Fired Oven

You don’t start cooking the pizza until the oven reaches its highest temperature. Then, as the fire dies down, you can pop in the pizza and it will be perfectly cooked in just two minutes. The result is a crisp base with a succulent topping and the meltiest cheese.

As well as tasting delicious, this style of cooking is also better for you. The fast cooking method means all the goodness and vitamins are locked into the food. Who knew pizza was a health food!

Using a wood fired oven in Brisbane is ideal for feeding the family or entertaining friends and relatives. Nobody wants to use their conventional oven indoors in the summer months – it’s just too hot. So, buying a wood fired oven is a smart move.

These ovens come in all sizes, so you can find one to fit your space, whether you’ve got a fully equipped outdoor kitchen or just a balcony. Most people find the ovens are also more economical than using a conventional oven.

wood fired oven brisbane

But here’s the thing – a wood fired oven isn’t just for cooking pizza. It’s an oven, so you can pretty much cook anything in it that you would cook in a conventional oven.

Wood Fired Oven Brisbane

There’s something about cooking in stone-lined ovens that make any dish even more delicious. I swear I did my best cooking when I had one. Suddenly, roasts are more succulent, cakes are moister, pastry is perfect, the list just goes on!

Once you get the hang of your wood fired oven – which just means understanding how the temperature works – you’ll find yourself knocking out roasts and bakes, pizza and bread, gratins and stews with ease.

The most sought-after wood fired oven is one that is authentically hand-made in Portugal using refractory clay. These are available through an Australian company and can be delivered to your home.

When your oven arrives and is installed, it must be ‘cured’. Clay has a high moisture content and the oven needs to dry out before use. It’s an easy process and the manufacturer will describe what you need to do.

Keeping your new oven clean is really easy. You can use baking dishes and trays or, if there is a splatter of food or grease, it will quickly burn off. There’s also a handy tip for cleaning up melted cheese. Once you’ve finished cooking, simply spread the ‘coals’ or embers over the cheese and it will burn away to ash which can be easily swept out.

Impress Family and Friends

Your new wood fired oven is sure to impress family and friends and when they taste the food, they won’t want to leave! You may never cook indoors again!

A quick look online gives you plenty of recipe ideas for your new wood fired oven – some you may not have even considered. For example, on one of Jamie Oliver’s TV shows, he explained how to use your oven to cook perfect steak.

There are also amazing recipes for Beer Can Chicken, Smoked Ribs, Gratin Potatoes, Baked Brie, Roasted Fish and more, including the Christmas Roast Turkey! Isn’t your mouth watering just reading that? Imagine making it yourself and serving it to your family.

You can also use your wood fired oven to bake sweet and savoury bread and buns – including Naan Bread, Focaccia and Cinnamon Rolls – and delicious desserts, such as Wood Fired Apples, Cobbler, Crumble and cakes.

As the temperature of the oven drops down, it’s ideal for making many of these dishes. But there’s something else it can do, too. You can use a wood fired oven to smoke meat, fish and vegetables and even add scented woods to change the flavours. At its lowest temperature, your wood fired oven also becomes a natural dehydrator and is brilliant for drying fruit and vegetables.

If you’ve been thinking of buying a wood fired oven in Brisbane, or anywhere else, you should now feel inspired – and hungry!

How to Choose the Finest Wood Fired Oven

Can you believe it’s Spring already? As the days start warming up, our thoughts naturally turn tobeach days, cool drinks, impromptu get-togethers with friends and alfresco dining.

There’s nothing like the great Aussie barbecue to draw people together but wouldn’t it good to have a choice sometimes? Why not give the old snags and burgers a break this summer and try a wood fired oven instead?

In fact, with Christmas getting closer by the day, what could be better for cooking a festive feast than the finest wood fired oven in Australia? Hang on, you say, wood fired ovens are just for cooking pizza, aren’t they? Wrong! You could cook an entire Christmas lunch in your wood fired oven, including everybody’s favourite, the whole ham.

Finest Wood Fired Oven AU

It must be said that wood fired ovens do make exceptionally good pizza, but that’s just one of the many delicious dishes you can cook in one. Take the simple roast potato; you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten potatoes roasted in a wood fired oven with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and parmesan.

My Wood Fired Oven

Turkey? No problem! Simply fire up your oven and let it settle at roasting temperature. Prepare your turkey in the normal fashion, covering it with rashes of smoky bacon. Start roasting with the bird breast-side down, flipping it over halfway through cooking. Perfect.

You can roast all your veggies in there, too, as well as the ham. Prepare your ham as you always do and let it slowly cook in the wood fired oven, regularly dousing with glaze for a sticky succulent delight.

So, that’s Christmas lunch sorted! What about when your mates pop round to watch the footy? Yep, it’s time for wood-fired pizza. But be warned, they won’t want to go anywhere else after that. The finest wood fired oven AU comes in all sizes, from portable to family-sized, capable of cooking six large pizzas at once.

Portuguese Wood Fired Ovens

When it comes to choosing your oven, don’t assume that the more you pay, the better it gets, as that’s not always the case. What you should be looking at is where and how the pizza oven was made.

The very best wood fired ovens come in from Portugal, where they are traditionally made using natural clay. The shape of the oven, and the materials used to build it are what really count. Without the correct bricks and the dome shape, the heat won’t circulate properly, however much you paid for it.

Look for an oven 100% hand-made in Portugal, using bricks that have been fired at 900-1000-degrees Celsius. The refractory cement should be layered for insulation to ensure optimum heat retention. It would be easy to dismiss those details as sales spiel, but it does actually make a huge difference to how well the oven will work for you.

It can take days to build one oven, because it is crucial to get the dome shape perfect. This is how wood fired ovens have been built for centuries so the more traditional, the better.

There are some pizza oven manufacturers who expect you to build your own! Take my advice, never buy a kit when you can get the real deal for the same or even less money.

Global Trend

Gourmet wood fired ovens like the Etna can be found in homes all over the world, transforming the way people cook and eat. These ovens transform pizza into a healthy, vitamin-packed meal with all the good stuff locked in thanks to the high cooking temperature.

Forget those fat-laden takeaway pizzas with their soggy bases, leaving grease stains behind on the cardboard box! Instead, create your own mouth-watering pizza with a delicious thin crust and stacks of toppings, cooked to perfection with that subtle woodsmoke flavour.

Using a wood fired oven is a form of retained heat cooking and you need to create enough heat for the amount of food you wish to cook. For example, pizza is cooked when the temperature is at its highest but then, as the fire dies down, and the temperature drops, you can put in other dishes, such as roasts or gratins.

Choosing your Wood

These will cook using the retained heat, thus getting the most out of your oven and the fuel you have burned.

Your choice of wood can also affect the heat created. It’s best to use well-seasoned hardwoods, like beech, birch and ironbark. Hardwood is dense which means it will burn for longer and produce less smoke, which is perfect for wood fired cooking.

A wood fired oven is so much more than just an oven; it can transform the way you cook and entertain, inspiring you to try new things. Getting to know and love your wood fired oven is all part of the fun.

Discover why Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli are so Popular

You’ve got to agree that Pizzaioli is a great name for a range of pizza ovens, summoning up the smell and taste of garlicky pizza and creamy aioli. Mind you, I only have to think about wood-fired pizza to get my taste buds tingling.

I’m not alone; in fact, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like pizza. It’s so good that Australians celebrate National Pizza Day every February!

Around 264 million pizzas are eaten every year in Australia and, in case you didn’t know, Saturday is the most popular day to eat pizza. Here are a few more weird and wonderful facts about pizza in Australia:

  • People who phone to order pizza at home are more likely to do so during the weather segment of the news
  • Around 36% of people prefer pepperoni on their pizza
  • The word ‘pizza’ was probably first used in Italy in 997 AD
  • Australia’s top three favourite pizza combos are Meat-lovers, Hawaiian and Margherita
  • The country with the most pizza lovers is not Australia, not the US, not even the UK – it’s Norway!

What is interesting is the growing preference for gourmet pizza, made at home using a traditional wood-fired pizza oven. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single or a couple with just a balcony, or a family with a huge backyard, My Wood Fired Oven has a pizza oven for you.



Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli

That brings us back to Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli – the ultimate range of home pizza ovens that are affordable, authentic and guaranteed to turn any get-together into a feast.

The Pizzaioli Décor range is indeed impressive and online reviews reflect that. Just as popular are the Pizzaioli Classic 100, the Pizzaioli 100 and the top-of-the-range Pizzaioli 120. The latter is the perfect choice for big families and those who love to entertain. You can cook four large pizzas at a time in this beauty, in just two to three minutes! That should keep the hungry hordes happy!

So, what makes it so great? The lower dome shape is one reason, as it spreads the heat faster and more evenly. It also uses stainless steel for the chimney outlet and door, which is ideal for those living near the coast.


Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli come with everything you need, including an easy recipe booklet, so you can make the perfect Italian pizza from the very first day.

Delicious Dishes

An important point here is that these pizza ovens come completely finished and ready to use. Why is that important? It seems a few manufacturers offer pizza ovens at ridiculously low prices and when it arrives, you find out why; it’s a DIY project!

I don’t know about you, but I want to start cooking pizza and other delicious dishes straightaway, not build the pizza oven myself!

Yes, I mentioned dishes there, not just pizza. Sometimes referred to as gourmet wood-fired ovens, these little beauties don’t just make mouth-watering pizza; you can use the oven to cook many more meals, including succulent roasts, gratins and bakes, stews and bread. It’s so versatile, you may never use a conventional oven again.


Authentic Pizza

You may be wondering how Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli actually work. It’s really quite simple. You start by starting a fire in the oven using dry, well-seasoned hardwood.An authentic pizza oven, made using that dome design and natural clay, will absorb the heat from the fire, creating the ideal temperature for cooking. Wait until the fire burns down and then place your pizza or other dishes in the oven.

The design of the oven is the most important element, which is why Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli are hand-made in Portugal, where wood-fired ovens have been used for centuries. The ovens are made using natural materials for better heat absorption and an advanced cooking experience.

Cleaning your wood-fired oven is even easier. Once you have finished cooking, allow the oven to cool right down. Then it’s just a case of sweeping out the ash with a dustpan and brush. More often than not, any spillages simply burn off. However, if any grease marks are left behind, you can wipe them away with a sponge soaked in a mix of water and vinegar.


Healthy Option

It used to be the case that the only way to enjoy authentic wood-fired pizza was to go to an Italian pizzeria. And you still can when you don’t feel like cooking! However, having your own wood-fired pizza oven at home means you can eat this delicacy whenever you want for a fraction of the price. Not only that, but you have more control over the ingredients used, ensuring it’s a healthy and nutritious treat.

Studies show that cooking food faster at higher temperatures locks in not only the flavour but also the goodness. Those all-important antioxidants and vitamins can be diminished during conventional cooking.

Isn’t it time you considered buying yourself an authentic wood-fired pizza oven?

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