Brisbane Backyards Cooking With Wood Fired Tradition.

Wood fired ovens are fast becoming the backyard must have. With more families seeing the benefits such a traditional and delicious way of cooking can bring to their everyday lives. Brisbane backyards are being transformed with wood fired ovens, from long lazy Saturday evening pizzas, to warm stew in winter, a wood fired oven is an experience, not just an oven.

Cooking in a My wood fired oven is the result of hundreds of years of traditional cooking knowledge meshed with the pinnacle of design and function. My wood fired oven produces a range of wood fired and pizza ovens, handmade individually in Portugal, a city renowned for its superb clay qualities and craftmanship. The terra cotta bricks are made from some of the finest clay in the world and all ovens include all -natural materials. This includes terracotta kiln-fired bricks, mineral insulation and refractory clay tiles. Each oven is a work of art taking days to complete to the highest standard.

wood fired oven

The hardest part of buying a wood fired oven for your Brisbane backyard will be deciding which one to purchase. My wood fired oven offers a wood fired oven to suit every family. From the home chefs who love to cook up a gourmet feast for gatherings, to the tight on space, My wood fired oven has a wood fired oven to suit.

For a wood fired oven capable of cooking nearly anything with a sophisticated finish My wood fired oven offers a gourmet range. The gourmet range starts with the smallest Etna 100, a beautiful white and brick finished wood fired oven with a 36cm x 30cm door, capable of cooking a full family meal. The slightly larger Etna 120 features a 40cm x 40 cm door for those larger feasts, also with white and brick finish. Both the Etna 100 and Etna 120 feature a stainless-steel door. Should you wish for a more traditional looking gourmet wood fired oven then the Etna Pietra 100 is for you, featuring cast aluminium door and Portuguese natural stone finish in your choice of sand or charcoal colour. Each gourmet wood fired oven comes with stainless steel chimney outlet, stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap and chimney valve. Extension chimneys are available should you wish to place your gourmet wood fired oven under an existing structure. The gourmet wood fired ovens come with a large terracotta oven dish, booklet with instructions and recipes and a Raytek laser gun thermometer to ensure correct temperature while cooking. The Etna 100 and Etna 120 also have the option of acrylic outdoor paint should you wish to colour your oven to suit your Brisbane entertaining area.

Maybe your Brisbane backyard is more of a little patch and or a veranda, then a portable wood fired oven is a great idea. My wood fired oven creates portable versions in their extremely popular wood fired and pizza ovens.

These beautiful ovens are really a work of art, that will have your family and friends gathering around a delicious feast in no time. The Piccolo draws on traditional wood fired ovens engineered to make sure there is even heat distribution within the chamber. Smaller in size doesn’t mean a compromise on meal size though, with a large cooking floor a 36cms stone fits a huge pizza or cooking dish.  The most eye catching of the Piccolo is the stunning outer shell, this decorative floating shell has been engineered to remain cool. Or there is the Maximus, this portable pizza oven holds 2 family sized pizzas. With a pizza cooking time of only 2 minutes you can still cook feasts when you want. The quick heat up time of only 15mins means you can forget about cooking in your indoor kitchen and enjoy the relaxing aromas of wood fired cooking any time. A portable wood fired oven or pizza oven is the perfect choice for fast and delicious wood flavoured meals everyone can enjoy.

For the perfect crispy pizza, cooked in 2 minutes, a wood fired pizza oven will have your Brisbane friends and family lining up for dinner dates. Wood fired pizza ovens are designed with a lower dome that allows for faster heat reflection from the oven floor, in turn helping you to create the perfectly cooked pizza. My wood fired oven offer three types of pizza ovens from the traditional Portuguese stone finished Pizzaioli Pietra 100 with cast aluminium door to the sophisticated modern Pizzaioli 100 and 120 models

However, these pizza ovensare not only suitable for pizza, these beautiful pizza ovens are perfect to cook roasts, breads, potato and vegetable dishes along with a range of other meals.

My wood fired oven offer a wonderful range of wood fired ovens in a variety of styles, with a depot in Brisbane some models can be also collected directly. The wood fired ovens are also shipped across the country and beyond. Why not take a leaf out of European tradition and live life with food and family around the inviting aromas of a wood fired oven feast.

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