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As the emirate inside United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is situated south east of Gulf of Persia on the Peninsula of Arabia. Indeed you will find Dubai as an international city and a business centre, is a big attraction for tourists. Dubai shares border borders with Abu Dhabi and enjoys topography characterized by sandy desert patterns. Remarkable upcoming retail events in UAE are part of tourist and entrepreneur attractions.

Apart from the oil production industry, Dubai is also known globally as a tourist attraction center. Dubai also hosts amazing events that tourists love. There are several retail events that most remarkable in the UAE. One of them is the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). This is an amazing retail event that takes place each winter with its huge range competitions, discounts, prizes, entertainment and prizes.

Second retail event in UAE that is of much prominence is the Omega Dubai Desert Classic. This event which began in 1989 is hosted at the Emirates Golf Club Majlis Course. It attracts top icons of the golf sport. The legends such as Tiger Woods have taken part in this prestigious event at least six times for the last ten years and have carried the winner’s prize home two times.

There is the Bride show which is almost a retail event which takes place each April annually. This event features a huge range of events cored on weddings’ theme. This event attracts huge numbers of exhibitors from all around the world. This event is usually held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center.

RetailME offers top annual retail networking events like Middle East Retail Forum and RetailME Awards along with monthly RetailME virtual and physical roundtables. The speakers will discuss

• Predicting customer behaviour

• Customer experiences – evolution and strategy

• Mapping customer journey

• Driving engagement and revenue

One of the prominent events in UAE from Retailing to E-tailing : Contactless, Frictionless, Seamless. According to a recent survey, 92% of the businesses in the UAE are shifting their business online. That was the cue to put together next virtual roundtable ‘From Retailing to E-tailing: Contactless, Frictionless, Seamless’ on February 24th.  If you are a legacy retailer trying to move online, a digital native aiming to thrive against fierce competition or are someone who wants to keep abreast of the changing trends in retail, this webinar provided much insight.

Retailers need to display instances of outstanding innovation through digital adoption, processes, marketing, employee practices and customer service initiatives. The annual Images RetailME Awards 2020, held along with Middle East Retail Forum (MRF), recognised achievements in agile, responsive retail innovation, made all the more remarkable due to extraordinary pressures on consumer confidence, retail environments and supply chains during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

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