What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Buying Peruvian Musical Instruments?

If you are a music enthusiast then you might already know that traditional music has always been a connective tissue between our cultures, traditions, communities and various generations. Similarly, fair trade products like Musical Instruments are those structures that support this connection. Fairtrade products are those that are produced under fair working conditions being mindful of the earth and it’s resources and paying fair wages. Today, there are many businesses both online and in-store that offer fair trade musical instruments but not all are certified and offer you genuine products and services. So, it is important to make sure that you choose the right online store like Sanyork Fair Trade that has many years of experience in providing Peruvian musical instruments at the most reasonable and fair prices.

Sanyork Fair Trade is in this business since 1979 and our project in Peru is all about providing a sustainable economy by promoting and employing skilled artisans who are in need of a Marketplace. Our main goal is to preserve the culture and stop exploitation by upholding fair trade values and respecting family structures and local traditions. We offer a wide range of hand-crafted indigenous musical instruments for sale from drums to flutes. We have a countless number of persecution instruments such as exotic shakers, flutes, marimbas, tambourines and many different types of handmade musical instruments representing many different cultures. Our main objective of improving quality and consistency along with marketing wide range of traditional musical instruments to a worldwide market place has driven Sanyork Fair Trade, Inc. to produce top of the line musical instruments, accessories, apparels and gifts.

Compared to factory-made products or goods, the fair trade musical instruments do not cost you more than the other products, because you can buy all our products directly from the producer at great value by cutting out the middleman. With Sanyork Fair Trade, you can now celebrate the cultures of the world and hear to their music with ocarina whistle, drums, shakers, thumb pianos etc. Our wide range of musical instruments come from all around the world and these instruments are great for music lovers, musicians and teachers.

All our fair trade musical instruments at Sanyork Fair Trade are easy enough for all the ages of people even for kids to play, yet they have a handcrafted and professional sound. We offer pan flute for sale that is specially handcrafted to be played but equally beautiful as a piece of art. Come join Sanyork Fair Trade in celebrating the amazing history and culture of Peru, brought to us by our highly talented and skilled artisan who put their hearts and souls into all they have produced with their hands. For more details and other information about Sanyork Fair Trade please visit our website here: https://www.sanyorkfairtrade.com/

Carved Gourds For Sale, So Many Different Types

The crisp autumn months are a time of bounty, heralded by changing of the leaves, nights spent outdoors in costume, and feasts of giving thanks. It is the perfect time to get together with friends and family in the warmth of the hearth and home. When decorating the interior of your home this fall, take a cue from some of your favorite luxury furniture stores. Celebrate the time of harvest with extra finishing touches, such as festive decorations, natural elements, and fall colors.

The gourd is a vegetable related to pumpkins and squash and when dried has a shell that is dense and hard. Pumpkins, gourds, and squash can be set nearly any place in the home to add an extra dash of magic to the fall months. These combine well with other organic details such as raffia, corn, and autumn flowers. Gourds come in every color of the rainbow, but can also be painted or carved up like the traditional jack-o-lantern.

Gourds can be useful, decorative, or both. Gourds can be hollowed and made into many desirable products such as decorative bowls, Halloween candy dishes, lanterns, wall art and much more. Or they can be left as is and painted in many fashions. There are a variety of forms of Carved gourds for sale, from gourd birdhouses to canteen gourds, to Hand Carved Boxes, to gourd centerpieces. Whatever type of gourd you are looking to buy you will get a one of kind piece of nature.

When Christmas arrives the time comes for gift searching. It is essential to spend real time and effort sourcing the most original and memorable presents as corporate gifts, as well as those for your loved ones. Christmas gifts should be something special and unforgettable whoever they are for and you want to be known as someone who provides great gifts. Gourd Christmas Ornaments Gifts found at exclusive Fair trades are the answer for your perfect gift quest.

We Sanyork fair Trade offers a sustainable economy to preserve the culture and stop exploitation. Our endless objectives to enhance quality and consistency along with promoting traditional crafts to a worldwide marketplace have driven Sanyork Fair Trade, Inc. to produce top of the line value gifts, accessories or more.

Our artisan workshop in San Juan de Lurigancho employs and houses dozens of local families of skilled talented artists. Sustainable workplace environment and Fair trade wages have given confidence, pride, and inspiration to the artists contributing to their cultural preservation of tradition, lifestyle, and dignity. With so many styles, textures, varieties, and uses you can see why there are so many Gourd Carving for sale.

To know more about Sanyork Fair Trade please, call us at 303-308-1888 or visit our website HERE; https://www.sanyorkfairtrade.com/

Picking The Right Gift For Christmas Season

Festivals are fun of fun and frolic. We visit our friends and families. We buy gifts for them. We sing, dance, eat good food, and enjoy. However, there are millions of families all around the world, who are not as fortunate as us. You might be sitting, talking to friends, drinking some excellent red wine on a Christmas day, while others may be working to earn some money to feed their family. Christmas is the festival which should be enjoyed by all, and that’s why when you buy gifts, buy it from someone which will benefit these people. We are talking about buying beautiful and simple gourd Christmas ornaments from stores like Sanyork Fair Trade. When you buy from this store, a portion of the money goes directly to the family who has made these ornaments.

Here are some choices for you

Gourd Box – Owl Hand Carved Trinket Container

This is a finished gourd box that has the top cut off and made into a top. The cut gourd would then be able to serve as beautifying, yet practical! This style is cut to be an extremely prevalent owl!



Each piece is extraordinary. Size and shape differ.

Gourd Relief Box Fine Carved 3″-3.5″ Small Assorted Colors

Finely cut little gourd box with point by point alleviation pictures of natural life. 3″ confine with wooden handle top a blend of hues. Each crate has been hand-cut and painted by an individual craftsman from Cochas-Peru. The typical 2.5 to 3 inches tall and subtleties will change as nature and the craftsman planned. Every gourd has plans cut and consumed into a natural gourd in an alleviation style.

Cut without power instruments this gourd box is then singed and point by point with eucalyptus ashes. Made in the conventional style of the antiquated Andes, the last item is this lovely completed piece. Not two precisely similar makes them one of a kind and a durable blessing. Hand made in the town of Cochas in Peru.

Gourd Santa Christmas Carved Ornament Assorted Colors

Santa Clause Claus gets his face and body spoke to with all of these regular cut gourd decorations.



Still has its seeds inside

Each piece is special. Size, shape, and shading may differ.

Arranged structures

Carved gourds for sale are available. Go on and take a look at all the special gourd Christmas ornaments and let the makers of these products smile in joy. Your little help will make a big difference to these humble people.

For more gourd Christmas ornaments, today.

The Best Holidays Gifts You Can Buy For Yourself, Family And Friends

The moment holiday approaches, we become ready to buy gifts for ourselves as well for everyone that we care about. Holidays, for instance, Christmas is the main event for so many of us. This occasion calls for a lot of fun, celebration, party with friends and family members, and not to forget purchasing gifts for everyone as well. However, we often wonder about unique gifts to buy which our loved ones will cherish and remember forever. If you are also thinking about gifting something precious to them, then you can think about Fair trade blankets. Along with it, our list of gifts will help you to decide to buy the right gift for the right person. Let’s check them out below.

1. Fair Trade Blankets

Take a look at the Alpaca blankets that are available at Sanyork Fair Trade. There are so many beautiful blankets available here. These blankets are made from skilled artisans. These are luxurious and are perfect for the winters. These blankets are best suitable for home, and you can carry with you when you travel as well. The designs of each blankets are unique and are inspired by modern-day needs.

2. Fair Trade Headbands

Another perfect gift that we have for you is Fair trade headbands for girls and ladies. These headbands are handmade in Guatemala. These look super fun and are braided from the bead strands seed. They are available in different colours. Each headband is supported by a black elastic in the back for extra support. These headbands will keep your hair out of your face and will make you look prettier.

3. Alpaca Fur Rug

For those who want to buy Alpaca fur rug, you can get it right here from Sanyork Fair Trade. These wholesale alpaca fur rugs are extra comfy and are quite affordable as well. The fur, which is the wool comes from the alpaca animal. They are found in 14,000 feet above the sea level in the Andes mountains. Their wool is one of the softest and luxurious in the whole world. You can choose from a plethora of rugs which are comfortable, exceptionally soft, and looks great. No one will be able to resist such a beautiful gift!

These are our top pics for you. You can buy all of them from. All you got to do is visit their website and start adding the products in the shopping cart. Have fun while shopping. You will love all the products.

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