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Change Management In ERP Projects – Ignore At Your Risk

ERP projects are designed to transform your business’ operational efficiency and a key factor is acceptance of new systems and processes in your people. Any new operational or business change naturally creates resistance to adopt new procedures or fear in your people who feel uncomfortable or threatened with change. These forces working against the project are a major element of risk and will lead to project failures.

Therefore, change management must be a central consideration in your business project to increase organizational acceptance and probability of success. Often change management is confused with employee training. It is more than training. In this blog, we discuss the key factors you should consider in properly managing change to transform your ERP’s probability of success.


What is Change Management? 



The Association of Change Management Professionals defines change management as “the practice of applying a structured approach to transition an organization from a current state to a future state to achieve expected benefits.”

In practice, this means the organizational leaders and their teams must do everything necessary to enable employees to accept new procedures or systems and reduce resistance to changes such as restructuring. So, what strategies can be adopted to manage change?


1. Prioritize change management

Build a change management approach into your project from the start, it will not just happen. Ensure sufficient resource and time is allocated to structure and include in your project. The larger the change, the greater the interdependencies that need to be planned and controlled to minimize risks. Any misstep can be costly. Over 55% of ERP projects reported being over budget, and two-thirds realized less than half of their anticipated benefits, according to Info-Tech Research Group research.


2. Secure leadership buy-in.

Management must be engaged and proactive in acting as champions of change when rolling out a new ERP. Employees are more likely to take the project seriously if it is seen as a major goal by senior management. Often ERP project leadership comes from IT and top management is absent on an ongoing basis. This promotes the perception of the project as an IT initiative which leads to more resistance.

This ongoing senior leadership engagement will also help to align resistant operational leaders. Operational management must feel there is attention and focus from the top to support change down the ranks. This sense of change must permeate across the organization and on managing this management should also recognize users are thinking “how will I benefit?”. Therefore, the message to change to all employees must address this core expectation.


3. Do not avoid employee fears and concerns

Familiarity is comforting even when it doesn’t work well.” Employees often feel they are experts in the current system even if it requires workarounds they control. A new system requires implementing new processes with new interfaces and functionality. For any busy user, spending time learning a new system they may feel is less useful is a challenging sell.  These concerns need to be accepted and must be dealt with.

The project team must understand how employees currently operate the system and what new changes the new ERP system will entail. Only then they can truly tailor the message to sell the benefits to users to accept the system and how it will improve their jobs. Employees require persuasion in addition to a direction for change to be effected well. Taking this approach demonstrates some emotional intelligence in “listening” to employees and softening resistance to adopt new working practices and systems.


4. Learn From Successes and Failures

Every organization has its own distinctive culture and change management strategies vary with business goals and cultures.

You should assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of how it adapts to change. History provides some useful indicators of how the change will need to be managed. Ask yourself what changes have been made and what were the results? What worked and what could have worked better? How did leaders and employees behave and react to situations? What can be applied from the past to help reduce risks and help deliver better?

By pausing to assess this history and applying the lessons of success and failure, your project has a better chance of succeeding with the least risk of cost and time overruns.


5. Tailor Communications

Seek to take best practice communications, meetings, and project protocols. However, of key importance is to tailor this to the project and organizational context. As a result, your change management program becomes appropriate and effective taking into account culture, the scale of change, and the degree of potential organizational resistance.


6. Define A Change Roadmap

Change in organizations does not follow a straight line. Nevertheless, a framework or roadmap can be a useful compass to set clearer expectations and goals to drive and monitor progress.

Any change roadmap should include the following:

  • Stakeholder analysis and power influence matrix. Ensure that all stakeholders are engaged and plot their relative power and influence. Adopt different strategies for different groups
  • Baseline analysis. Document your current state of operations, inefficiencies and engage your employees in this discussion. Consulting with them will onboard their ideas and show empathy to their issues
  • Set a target operating model. Be clear and document how things will work and improve after implementation. Also, consider how you build in adaptability in case of improvements.
  • Conduct regular reviews. Managing change is an organic process. You may need to adapt your strategy and approach at key project milestones.
  • Maintain Adaptability. Use the change impact assessment from the reviews to modify or add to training, communications, and any required policy changes.

Your project should take a considered and appropriate approach in recognizing barriers to organizational acceptance. Change management is an essential part of your project considerations and by incorporating necessary and appropriate steps, your ERP project has a higher likelihood of success.


 About SimplySolved


At SimplySolved, we deliver the domain and the technical skills to deliver solutions specific to your E-commerce and business workflow needs to automate your business. Through our ISO 9001 & 27001 accredited approach, we provide clients domain and IT expertise to advise, plan and deliver consistent outcomes.


Maximize Your Profits by Outsourcing Accounting Firms in Dubai

One of the variations between creating losses associate degreed maximizing profits lies inside the talents of an accountant. the acceptable implementation of accountancy and accounting is a wonderful thanks to run a business. Hiring an associate degree professional businessperson will save a handsome quantity of cash. for many business owners WHO have established their business freshly, it’s a wonderful choice to save cash if they outsource their accounting and bookkeeping projects. during this method, they are doing not have to be compelled to rent them on a salary that may considerably increase their monthly expenses. There square measure several advantages of hiring these outsourcing corporations. several the advantages square measure here.


  • Accessing professional recommendation
  • Gaining valuable time
  • Rising productivity
  • Reduces business prices


  1. Meeting compliance necessities

There is a square measure many alternative advantages that a business owner will get if he hires bookkeeping and accounting firms in port. it’s extremely straightforward and straightforward to rent these corporations within the UAE because they need certified and qualified accountants. All those square measures are masterly in several accounting fields. Learn more about their services and therefore the advantages of hiring them.


  1. will increase your business profitableness


Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping allowing you to concentrate restricted sources on your core business therefore you’ll relish additional profit. A business owner will pay longer with the purchasers, business purchasers, and production of the business. During this method, you can concentrate on business strength.


  1. Reduced value


In general, the bulk of companies think about outsourcing services a further value, however, it’s not true all the time. Some business homeowners take it as an associate degree unneeded value for his or her business. the very fact is entirely the opposite. each business owner needs to cut back expenses while not decreasing quality.

If you’re getting to hire bookkeeping and accounting corporations in port, you’ll get eliminate many tensions. It permits you to avoid wasting employment prices like accomplishment, training, benefits, payroll taxes, and salaries. during this method, you’ll be able to handle your accounting record with no trouble.


  1. higher business choices quickly.


The certified accounting firms have specialists WHO have the most recent info regarding their accounting field. they’re specialists in doing their job, and you are doing not have to be compelled to guide them. during this method, you’ll be able to save the time that you simply will pay on doing alternative business tasks. associate degree businessperson manages the accounts. For the business owner, it becomes straightforward and straightforward to grasp the business’s status. He will create the right choices. during this method, you’ll be able to access the money info within the kind you would like.


  1. 5. Minimize risk


If you rent a newcomer in your company to handle accounts, there’ll be additional probabilities to own errors. These coverage errors may be pricey for the business owner. Hiring reliable bookkeeping and accounting corporations in Dubai can be useful thanks to their masterly accounting workers. The acumen to complete their tasks while not creating any mistakes.

Outsourcing offers you the likelihood to rent knowledgeable with a high level of skills at an inexpensive price. associate degree outsourced accounting and bookkeeping service firm improve its qualifications and skills to stay competitive within the market. they’ll simply share new market tools, solutions, and trends.

Moreover, these corporations have additional intensive access to courses and coaching.


  1. professional authority

These accountants assist you by providing recommendations on a way to create accounting additional economical. Sometimes, they are serving completely different corporations, and that they provide wonderful expertise from other consumers. They can help you by sharing their expertise operating within the gift trade regarding accounting software systems, implementation of technology, and taxation. it’s the most effective methodology to enhance your business strategy with the assistance of those accountants.



Today, business homeowners face larger expectations once it involves government compliance and financial transparency. These days, with the rise in technology, there’s a rise within the responsibilities of the business homeowners. they need to fulfill the formalities of the laws of the govt.

These daily formalities square measure long and additional advanced like risk management, internal audit, compliance and accounting, and finance. the bulk of business homeowners realize it simple to rent the services of accounting firms to manage their accounts. Get up-to-date with the most effective accounting and bookkeeping firm in port and allow them to do the work.


Myths About Auditing in Dubai that Must be Avoided

Many organizations are feeling worried about auditing. it’s a method within which all the procedures utilized in a company are being evaluated. other than the conventional and usual method that’s dead by Audit companies in port, there are bound myths that are spreading and are growing stronger. These myths tell you concerning the things we tend to are involved concerning. folks believe that the globe works this way consistent with these myths.

Few Audits are smart for the organization.

Audits are somehow protracted processes that several attempts to avoid because they thought it’s higher to try to fewer business audits. So, completely different studies are carried out to induce the solution to the present alleged story, which reveals that frequently auditing the business can have a decent positive impact on its progress.

The Internal Audits are all concerning disbursement an excessive amount of time on larger Risks.

Some folks believe that internal audits done inside the corporate are too much cantered on simply major risks. This story must be burst. there’s no doubt that internal audits chiefly specialize in larger risks that an organization is facing.

But quite 80% of the internal audit focuses on examining all the compliance procedures instead of simply that specialize in the key or larger risks.

Internal Auditors are the Accountants

Many people believe that the auditors SimplySolved are operating inside a company can also work as a trained businessperson. because that SimplySolved agency is officially trained to tackle the monetary records of a company, this is often simply a myth. although knowledgeable internal auditor’s work involves several monetary issues, associated their coaching in accounting conjointly helps in varied ways that to an organization. however, the most focus of an indoor auditor’s work is that the detection of fraud associated with different compliance-related problems that are occurring in an organization.

Audits mustn’t be given the data they don’t raise for.

Many audit companies in port are giving auditing services to any or all kinds of organizations. However, the audit method is somehow fearful. that’s why some of the businesses attempt to avoid it. many of us conjointly believe that they’re going to only ought to give the data to the auditor that they solely want and not concerning anything. however, this story ought to be burst because it isn’t true. An internal auditor may be a person who can check all the workings and procedures that are being followed in a company. So, give all the mandatory info to the auditor. it’ll be superb for your organization, and your company will work additional effectively.

Auditors follow a particular list to audit each method in the same way, every time.

Some folks believe that the auditors in port work solely by following a proper list, however, this is often not true, therefore you wish to bust this story and acquire free of it. However, audit companies use different strategies or different checklists each time for analysis functions. This auditing method is going to be meted out to ensure that there aren’t any problems and flaws within the procedures that an organization is victimizing. there’s a correct ought to build standards with that the current situation of the organization should match.

Auditors continually attempt to realize Faults within the monetary Books

According to a story, many of us believe that auditors continually realize flaws and detections of frauds in an associate organization’s finances and accounts. And these nit-pickings can distract the corporate management and keep the corporate from running properly.

This story isn’t correct. 1st of all, the auditor’s job is to seek out deviation and mistakes within the finances and accounts of the corporate. The auditors of the auditing services companies can even check the minutes of the method to inform the company’s management. Moreover, the auditor conjointly helps run the organization properly by notifying the corporate management if there’s any possible error or issue within the company’s finances and accounts.

These were the necessary myths concerning the auditing in port that ought to be burst.


Qualities to look When Hiring bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai

So, you have settled your business in Dubai. No doubt, this state is a hub for global activities. As per the state’s business laws, you need to hire a reliable team of bookkeeping and accounting professionals who can handle all your business accounts without any mistakes. Being a business owner, you have two options: hire an in-house accountant or hire accounting services in Dubai. Hiring an in-house accountant can cost you more because you have to pay a monthly salary that can be a handsome amount. Moreover, only one accountant cannot handle accounts from top to bottom. It would help if you had a team to assist your accountant.

Hire accounting service

If you are new in the market, you need to hire reliable bookkeeping and accounting firm in Dubai. These professionals know how to handle their tasks without making any mistakes and learn all essential aspects of business accounting like maintaining and managing books of accounts, handling tax-related matters, financial information, and book of accounts. Ensure the team you have hired is reliable and well-informed about the laws and regulations of the rules regarding accounts and Tax payment. Moreover, all these services are very easy to access online. Learn some ways to hire a reliable team.

1.    Do they have professional expertise?

You know the importance of bookkeeping and accounting, so you need to check whether the accounting services have expertise in the relevant field or not. They must perform by understanding the UAE’s laws, including VAT, international financial reporting standards, and many more. The accounts procedures are several, and you need to hire a reliable team who knows to perform as per the project’s demand. An expert professional has bookkeeping and accounting skills like reconciling accounts, posting transactions, maintaining records of financial transactions, and many others. When you hire these professionals, you should check their knowledge in the relevant field.

2.    Know accounting software

In this age of technology, every field is using modern ways and tools for ease and convenience. The professionals at bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai must use be experts in using accounting software. Implementation of technology and a cloud-based accounting system is the surety of your firm’s efficiency. They should know how to enter and manage the transaction, maintain the records, and issue the invoices, payroll, payments, and others using the software. It is important to be professional and the prestige of your company for your clients. These firms are approved and certified. They always hire professionals who can increase the efficiency of the business.

3.    Work towards a common goal

We all know that bookkeepers have responsibilities more than recording transactions. The company and bookkeeper share the same goal. By suggesting unique ideas and reducing production cost, that improves the business’s growth, manages suitable cash flows, cost-cutting tactics, and budgeting techniques, and improves revenues. All these things are highly important for your business too.

Remember, when you will hire a professional from accounting services Dubai, you must discuss everything with your bookkeeper. In this way, you can save your cost of setting the bookkeeping department.

4.    Excellent communication skills

It is a must-have quality that every bookkeeper and accountant should have. Communication is highly important in accounting projects. Good bookkeeping and accounting professionals must be skilled enough to explain the accounting concepts. He can follow up on tasks and ask key questions relevant to your business. In short, he should not use confusing terms and statements to explain accounting methods. He should have command over the language, and he can use easy to understand language. In this way, you can understand the methods easily.


Hiring accounting services is not a big deal because you can check their license and other projects on which they have worked. A reliable team can charge higher, but they provide high-quality services to all their clients. They always prefer to provide authentic and error-free services because they give value to their customers. Therefore, their mission is to provide them 100% satisfied results. Get in touch with us now to hire the best accounting services in Dubai.

IT System

Why Training Matters In A Successful ERP Project


Successful ERP projects deliver significant business efficiency and productivity gains. Automating and integrating internal and customer-facing business processes impact an enterprises’ revenue and cost while providing a strategic operational and planning capability.

In theory, the gains are clear, in practice 70% of projects fail to deliver targeted business goals. ERP projects are more than IT projects. A major factor for this failure is insufficient attention paid to the impact on human capital. In this context, human capital includes human resources, their capability to add to the enterprise know-how, and adaptability.

The costs are substantial if change management, training, and user-related impacts to not fully considered. It is very likely an ERP investment and business benefits will go in vain or lead to significant overruns.

In this blog, we discuss the reasons why the proper emphasis on user training is essential in any ERP project.

Empirical Research

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”
The body of research detailing options and best practices in ERP projects is substantial. Reinforced by numerous case studies where enterprise goals and strategies are assessed provide material insight into the successes and failures in projects. Of note are a few key insights:

1. ERP projects allocating 7% of the budget to training were significantly more successful than projects where only 4%. (Source: Cushing Anderson of IDC)

2. Best-in-class organizations that integrate training with daily business processes to fully realize the benefits from an ERP solution. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

3. 55% of best-in-class organizations train new hires after the initial stages of ERP implementation. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

The last metric highlights a key issue. An enterprise should also recognize the capability requirements in its workforce will change after deployment. Manual roles are likely to be reduced or eliminated. This leads to a decision whether current resources can learn new skills or whether new skills will be required to operate in a reengineered business process and supporting IT system.

Nevertheless, ERP training is a critical aspect of any ERP implementation and should be given high priority. The best practice is to ensure ERP training is given from the very beginning and continue until the system is completely implemented. The costs and disruptions can be minimized with online training. E-learning is now a viable option with interactive and immersive training to save time and budget.

The Benefits of ERP Training

How will a well-structured focus on user training benefit an enterprise and what aspects should be included in a training program?

1. Start training from the beginning

An Enterprise Resource Planning system implementation is more than a new IT system. Engaging key users from the start and training them on the functionality and impact of their daily roles will increase acceptance. In addition, the training can be better developed to meet user needs whilst gathering requirements that could help increase the usability of the system.

2. Ensure user behavior is monitored

Following any launch, users are likely to raise a significant number of issues to the management and IT function. Setting a proper process to gather and categorize users from technical issues provides deep insight into training gaps. IT departments can be overwhelmed and frustrated with a high volume of non-technical issues which highlight a training issue. By gathering this data, enterprises can quickly react and target their training updates.

3. Make it a Habit

“If you can continue to do something for 28 days, it can become a habit”

Most successful companies recognize users must continue to operate and persist using a new system even if it feels alien. Users must be encouraged to use new processes and systems for it to properly embed into user’s daily operations.

A post-launch 28-day training refresher is advised to focus on areas that have led to a high number of support issues. This will also enable users to provide valuable feedback that could improve the ERP’s performance. Training should not be seen as a one-time event, it should organically evolve to sharpen the content and approach to maximize system adoption.

4. Harness management support

Management, whether senior or operational, must be part of the rollout and training program. Employees must feel there is personal value and management attention to achieving the business goals. Training must be prioritized and management’s support to make available time from users is essential. It is even better if KPIs are defined which relate to an employee’s performance and/or compensation.

Training everyone at all levels in the organization helps to ensure that all employees are using the same data. In turn, this can reduce the risk of human error in the processes and produce better-quality data and reporting insight.

About SimplySolved

At SimplySolved, we deliver the domain and the technical skills to deliver solutions specific to your E-commerce and business workflow needs to automate your business. Through our ISO 9001 & 27001 accredited approach, we provide clients domain and IT expertise to advise, plan and deliver consistent outcomes. (Source: SimplySolved)

VAT Registration

VAT Registration Threshold Calculation in UAE

Worth included expense (VAT) is commonly a duty that actualizes the products and ventures that force their deal. That is, actually, the sort of a backhanded task utilized in various nations in the whole world. The end-customer continues the cost. The business gathers the VAT from the buyer and pays it to the government in their customers’ interest. That is the explanation that it is alluded to as the circuitous assessment.


Various things must consider deciding if the estimation of materials went past as far as possible or not.


VAT Registration in Dubai: Worth of Taxable Product and Supplies


All the products & enterprise supplies completed in UAE on which BARREL implement at the pace of 5 percent, including zero-appraised stores, are remembered for it. Note that all the products and supplies excluded from BARREL comprise of in it.


On the off chance that the organization’s yearly turnover outperforms AED 375,000/, it’s ordered under UAE VAT Law to join. For assistance with an annual turnover of anyplace between AED 187,500/and 375,000/, it may do an intentional VAT registration in UAE. The FTA will deliver the business a VAT registration endorsement.


VAT UAE Registration: Value of Reverse Charge Supplies


Such providers and their worth are thought of while deciding the organization’s yearly turnover for sorting out the edge for VAT registration.


UAE VAT Registration: Value of Imports



Estimation of VAT Turnover Limit


On the off chance that a store supposes a market exists in UAE, which supplies a wide range of items and things. In like manner, it took an interest in bringing in different things from other outside countries for providing its customers present in UAE and similarly sent out stuff too.


  • Flexibly types – Turnover in AED
  • Available Supplies sold in UAE – 375,000 (VAT applies)
  • Fares – 125,000
  • Excluded Supplies – 50,000
  • Imports – 100,000
  • Invert Charge Supplies – 25,000


A few materials exclude VAT, which won’t consider while figuring the breaking point overlook VAT joined.


  • You are likewise pondering UAE Excise Tax–Explained.
  • Here is how you will figure the Threshold for VAT
  • Gracefully types – Turnover in AED
  • Available Supplies sold in UAE – 375,000 (VAT applies)
  • Fares – 125,000
  • Imports – 100,000
  • Turn around Charge Supplies – 25,000
  • VAT Registration Turnover – 625,000


Presently as business VAT registration turnover gives off an impression of being outperformed from the edge required for getting pursued VAT, the market should enroll for VAT obligatorily with no uncertainties and buts for what it’s worth past the UAE VAT obligatory registration limit.


All the organizations that situate in UAE should be clear about VAT at this point and with VAT vital registration. That is a direct result of it’s about time that all of us require to grasp. What BARREL is everything about, and how business run, what not? As the VAT registration made needed in the company going past the yearly turnover of AED 375000, it winds up being the business’s undertaking to consider their annual turnover.


A little imprudence may make the organizations pay hefty fines and charges. To maintain a strategic distance from them, every one of the organizations should get pursued VAT.


Likewise prefer to look at: How to drop VAT registration in UAE.


UAE VAT Tax Registration: Exceptions


Exemptions continually exist in most of the issues. The equivalent is the situation with the VAT registration in the UAE method, which incorporates VAT registration records accommodation. On the off chance that an individual takes the previously existing association.

At that point, merely the appropriate aspect of business’ available materials will originate from the individual. Who gets a place and precisely the same are required to contemplate when registering turnovers. The person who gets the business will consider the turnover on the materials made all alone. Furthermore, not on the materials created by the past proprietor.


Even though there are a few exemptions, all the organizations must recall the criticalness of paying BARREL on schedule. They should see how it utilizes and where it utilizes it. If whatever figure out from the very beginning, it may make various entanglements for business.


Counseling the VAT masters in UAE may fix various issues of unfamiliar organization holders mainly. That is since they are the ones having indeed less information identifying with VAT. They, in this way, require an appropriate guide from the certifiable VAT masters in the UAE.


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