These incredible supplies allow you to edit your work even after yourbooklets have been bound

ProClick binding from GBC is one of themost innovative and popular document finishing methods available today.These incredible supplies allow you to edit your work even after yourbooklets have been bound. They even let your pages rotate a full 360degrees, making your documents easy and enjoyable to read. It isentirely possible to bind your work by hand with ProClick materials,but having a machine will make the process much faster and easier.Here’s a brief guide to choosing a ProClick binding machine.

    1. Do you just want a punch or something more? Thesimplest ProClick device available is the P50 which is simply a punchthat will put the 32-hole pattern in up to 6 sheets of paper at a time.After you’ve punched your paper, you can then insert the spine by handand close it with the special tool that came with your supplies. TheP50 is great if you need to punch and bind away from the office or ifyou’re on a budget. There’s also the P75 which closes the spines andcan be used in conjunction with pre-punched paper. However, using theseproducts isn’t the best idea if you’re in a hurry or if you need tobind a lot of books. In that case, you need a machine.    How about a manual device? Thereare both manual and electric ProClick machines, and it goes withoutsaying that the manual ones a bit less expensive than the others.However, a manual machine can still be a high-quality device and that’sevident with the P200. This product can punch up to 16 pages at onceand produce books containing up to 100 pages. It also has aergonomically friendly punching handle and it’s easy to use. This isdefinitely the best of the manual devices, so if you prefernon-electric machines, the P200 is your best bet.    Looking for a powerful experience? Ifelectric devices are more

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  1. your thing, there are three products tochoose from. The first is the P210E, and its punching and bindingcapacities are almost identical to the P200’s. This product has adocument centering system for accurate processing and it’s compatiblewith 3:1 spiral coil spines, giving you two binding options. If you’relooking for a machine that can help you bind a book in the blink of aneye, the Pronto P2000 or P3000 is a device you’ll love. (Note: the onlydifference between these products is the P2000’s lack of an integratedpunch.) Both of these machines can bind books containing up to 125pages and they can finish off a single book in 6 seconds. Theseproducts use cassettes that contain 20 ProClick spines, one of whichwill be instantly inserted into your document when you use one of thesedevices. In fact, these products are so fast, it’s possible to bindover 400 documents in a single hour. Just think of how much time thatcould save you!

Finally, when choosing a ProClick machine,you should consider the product’s price, warranty, and how fast itoperates. Obviously, the P50 or P75 wouldn’t be great for officesneeding a lot of books quickly. On the other hand, the P3000 would beoverkill for a company that only binds once in a while. Just use yourcommon sense when selecting your ProClick binding system. It will helpyou choose just the right one for your particular needs.

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