So what is the difference between disposable hand sanitizer and alcohol?

Common alcohols on the market have different concentrations such as 75% and 95%. For alcohol, more than 75% alcohol can play a better disinfection and sterilization effect, and it can be used not only for hand cleaning and disinfection, but also for wound disinfection. The main component of alcohol is ethanol, and the hand sanitizer contains a variety of chemical components, so the sterilization effect of alcohol will be better than that of hand sanitizer. When spraying alcohol, pay attention to avoid fire sources to avoid fire; in addition, store it out of children’s reach to avoid dangerous accidents. Therefore, compared with alcohol, the disinfection effect of the hand sanitizer is not so good.

The hand sanitizer contains dipropylene glycol, Humectants such as glycerin can keep the skin moisturized. Disposable hand sanitizers are generally equipped with a gel base, so most of them are in the form of translucent gel; while alcohol is a liquid, and it evaporates faster than hand sanitizers. Is alcohol disinfection sprayed directly? The main component of alcohol is ethanol, but the concentration is slightly different. If it is used for hand disinfection or indoor disinfection, it can be sprayed directly with alcohol; but if it is used for wound disinfection, it is recommended to use a cotton ball or gauze dipped in alcohol before applying it.

Although the disposable hand sanitizer has a cleaning and disinfection effect, Mountaineering hand sanitizer Suppliers the gel matrix in it will affect the disinfection effect of ethanol and other ingredients. Alcohol has a certain stimulating effect on human skin, and it is volatile. on your hands, you can wash your hands with water; or use hand sanitizer after cleaning your hands. The biggest feature of the disposable hand sanitizer is that it does not need to be washed with water, and it is simple and convenient to clean, so in general, it does not need to be rinsed with water, but it can only eliminate some bacteria sticking to the hands, but cannot play a decontamination effect , So if there are obvious particles, stains, etc.. Can disposable hand sanitizer be rinsed with water? Yes, but not necessary.

So what is the difference between disposable hand sanitizer and alcohol? There are two types of disposable hand sanitizers: alcohol-containing and non-alcoholic, and the composition of them is also different, but generally they contain isopropanol, chlorhexidine, dipropylene glycol, glycerin and other ingredients. Both can play a role in disinfection and sterilization.The difference between disposable hand sanitizer and alcohol Disposable hand sanitizer and alcohol are both popular disinfection products. If you use alcohol directly to disinfect your hands, it is easy to evaporate the moisture on the skin and make the skin dry

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