The skirt body is cut by multiple layers of horizontal and multiple pieces

Including clothing, shoes, hats, socks, gloves, scarves, ties, bags, parasols, hair accessories, etc. Buttonhole: button-hole, button-hole.19 tiered skirt The skirt body is cut by multiple layers of horizontal and multiple pieces, and the shape is like a tower-shaped skirt. There are Chinese padded jackets, Chinese and Western padded jackets.

There are mainly suit vests, cotton vests, down vests and other varieties. Coat: overcoat, refers to a long coat that is connected up and down to protect against the wind and cold. Front overlap The part where the front overlap of the door overlaps.Waist seam: waistband seam, refers to the seam after the waistband is stitched with the trousers or skirt.

Puff sleeve: puff sleeve refers to the sleeve type that is puffed and puffed at the sleeve mountain. Hunting wear: hunting wear, originally suitable for hunting clothing, has structures such as dew-proofing and bullet pockets to close the waist.18 pleated-skirt A skirt composed of regular pleated skirts. According to the different buttons, it can be divided into single-row suits, double-breasted suits, etc. of the same color and material or style.2 Swallowtailed coat is a dress worn by men on specific occasions. Back to the door: back overlap, the door is opened at the back.

Lantern sleeve: Lantern sleeve;Coiling Taping Embroidery Machine puff sleeve, refers to the sleeves where the shoulders are bubbled, the cuffs are contracted, and the overall sleeve tube is lantern-shaped. Back over the shoulder back yoke The part that connects the back and the shoulder. It is also called the collar stand or rise and rise. Terms used by the clothing industry.

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