It can be said that it is time-consuming and laborious

In addition, as mentioned earlier, its thread is very particular. In the Ming Dynasty, Songjiang was the mansion. Dai has left. Now, with the exception of a few pieces collected by Songjiang Museum, almost all of the rest are sold overseas. This makes the things that Gu Embroidery finally embroidered is similar to the paintings drawn with brushes, and it has the reputation of embroidering at close range and painting at a distance. worry. She said that Gu embroidery was created by Han Ximeng in the Ming Dynasty more than 400 years ago.

The true essence of Gu Xiu returned to Songjiang. China Spray Printing Embroidery Machine The descendants are facing pressure to survive. She told reporters very sadly that with the dissolution of the collective Songjiang Handicraft Factory where she worked, the company has been acquired by a private owner, and many descendants of Gu Embroidery have become workers for private owners; she is very concerned about the future of Gu Embroidery. And the more than ten apprentices she brought out, including Gao Xiufang, Zhu Qinghua, Qian Yuefang, etc. It can be said that it is time-consuming and laborious.

Here, Mr. In 1989, the Shanghai Professional Title Reform Office exceptionally assessed her as a ‘craftsman’ based on her work performance. Gu Xiu reached the pinnacle here. It is like a national treasure panda, with its own genetic weakness in reproduction. Deming Jiao born in 1922, her master is her own aunt. After exploration, she perfected the production process of Gu embroidery double-sided embroidery and opened a new chapter for Gu embroidery.

Of course it is not made for practical use. ‘Liberation Daily’ published an article titled ‘Gu Embroidery Urgently Needs’Adding a Few Needles” on the front page, which fully discussed the difficult situation of Gu Embroidery’s inheritance, protection, and development, and thought-provoking how to solve this problem for more than 400 years.

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