Practices to Make Yourself Mentally Bulletproof

Becoming “mentally bulletproof” just means that you will be able to handle whatever comes in your life. Yes, you become that strong enough to handle all the tornados of life. You can feel upset; however, those emotions do not define you – neither do they control you. You are above trivialities that bother others. But when you become just the opposite, it means that you constantly get controlled by life. Thus, here are some strategies to transform yourself mentally bulletproof in order to withstand everything that comes along your way.

#1 Practice Adversity

The best way to learn how to practice adversity is by finding ways to create challenging and uncomfortable (even embarrassing situations) in life. Additionally, you can even find ways to bulletproof the emotions. And this happens to be silly for some people. However, if you have an embarrassing subway card and you get teased for it, then you need to train yourself to get ashamed only when the scenario demands. Otherwise, ignore other criticisms of the less important things.

#2 Failing More

Do you remember the last time you experienced a check-burning and massive failure in life? Such as getting rejected amidst the crowd? Or getting insulted in the university class in front of the whole crew of students? Now that it’s already been a while, you need to figure out the positive side of it. Although bulletproof whey protein can make you feel comforting for the matter, there’s no wonder that it is your failure that makes you learn lessons.

#3 Distinguishing Stories from Facts

The truth is that almost everything that you tell yourself is associated with beliefs and programming. The more you listen, the more your emotions get erratic. And this is the reason; you need to distinguish facts from stories. As a matter of fact, the protein bulletproof bars can offer a win-win situation to people who want to become mentally bulletproof. But this does not restrict individuals from learning how to differentiate facts from fictions.

#4 Argue Less & Learn to Be Submissive

There’s a sleek difference between being authoritative and opinionated. And this, people seldom understand. So, even when you are right, you don’t have to be authoritative. You can stay calm and present your opinion in a submissive manner too! Every business in the world runs through speaking powers. And if you are unable to portray the good side of yourself through your orations, the outcome becomes terribly bad!

#5 Stop Asking for Approval Every time

If someone looks to others for self-validation and worth, then life absolutely becomes a quest for proving themselves. However, just in case they do not get the validation that they look for, they get upset. And it completely feels frustrated for them. And what’s the result? Their life gets all the more chaotic. This is the reason you have to stop asking for approval every time!

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