The woman who has tried these 12 kinds of prints is perfect

The woman who loves the United States is destined to do over and over all her life. When she finished wearing the basic style, she always needs to change her taste to taste fresh. Suitable for their solid color sheet is indispensable, but the baby print is not necessarily have to shut the door. Check out the 12 prints you’re going to try in your life and see which ones you haven’t yet seen. After all, changing your look is one of the joys of being a woman.

Put polka dots one by one on your clothes, and you’ll get both the feminine and playful look you want. Delicate small short outfit goes up the 7 minutes horn sleeve that joins restoring ancient ways strongly lasting appeal, think originally nifty wind sings the rhythm instant of main court to move Wen Wan elegant on, perfect the appeal of two appropriate of complete action.

02 [Stripe] Stripe printing can be regarded as the best of the classic elements, they can give people a fresh, clean, simple comfort all year round, no matter when they appear, they can feel refreshing and refreshing, like spring breeze. As we all know, stripe is good to wear joker again, a lot of the sheet that is left out in the stripe is tasted below the care to be able to obtain afresh dote on. If you haven’t felt the magic of stripes, hit the PP.

03 [Flower Prints] Sparse flower prints are easier to control and won’t look old. Girls of all ages will look beautiful when wearing them. It often is chunxia two seasons more the design that favour, but the sheet that tastes it and massiness in qiu dong season actually is tie-in together, can let heavy dress up look more light and bright.

The printing with strong tropical style can mix out the passion that only exists on vacation. The pressure from work and life makes the long-suppressed nature find the outlet to release. However color so rich print to the picky degree of color of skin often very high, put it on the bottom to deduce the degree to reach the same position, also enough safety.

05 [Geometric Printing] There is no printing that can clearly express the personality more than geometric graphics. The angular rectangles and the shrewd arcs conflict and exist harmoniously, and the fierce color matching seems to tell the ups and downs of the inner activities under different masks. If you’re looking for a print that expresses your true self, let geometry do the talking for you.

06 [thousand bird case] the thousand bird case element that has royal bloodline often is the frequent visitor that shuttles back and forth in autumn and winter season, arrived spring and summer season also can choose more ground to be in trouser outfit or skirt outfit to come up perch. Combined with the chiffon shirt to strengthen its sense of existence, such a dress in the workplace, do not have to say you can also feel the solid and reliable professional degree and decent beauty of demeanor.

You don’t know, do you? There are also styles of gingham. Gingham is most commonly seen in picnic cloth, table cloth, curtain cloth and so on. Well, the first reaction is that it’s not high end, it’s not high quality, right? However, the crisp and sweet color scheme works best in spring and summer. Switch to cotton and linen fabric, and you’ll love it too much to take it off.

08 [Plaid] This is the Plaid you are familiar with, which comes from the Scottish Highlands. Compared with Gingham, it has a deeper color and more preppy style. Oversize plaid blouses are a must-have for hipsters, while casual girls who are not so trendy can tie their everyday plaid blouses around the waist for a casual and sexy look.

09 [Pane grain] is actually a lattice grain with black lines on white background interwoven like a small window. Although there is no amazing color, the low-key and simple feeling exudes a gentle temperament, and releases the aesthetic feeling with the energy of internal precipitation. Because have black and white only, often the fitting that tie-in a bright color is enough to let integral fashion give color again.

It is easy to understand that cartoon prints with the same pattern appear repeatedly, such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, their big head, cat claws, heart shape, pentagram and other cute aging figures, which can make plain clothes more interesting. Don’t think this pattern isn’t classy, as the Duchess of Cambridge wore this element to an event.

11 [Leopard print] Leopard print full of wild power is not suitable for large areas to use, because of the strong deterrent of gas field, and a small dose of ornament can magnify its beauty infinitely. I prefer it to be on my feet, where I can HOLD my heel and HOLD it firmly. Of course, if you have enough charisma, a leopard print bag is also a good choice.

12 [snake pattern] and leopard pattern, snake pattern also has a devil of breath, the use of a large area is easy to make people have a sense of distance, even if meet the desire to make public personality, but it is not your control, so still small weight of the ornament is the most suitable. A snake-print bag is less subtle than a leopard, but if you want it to be a slave to your feet, you can also wear it with a pair of snake-print shoes.

These 12 printing elements have their own style and strengths. If you have the energy and enough budget, I hope you can fill them into the wardrobe one by one to increase the interest of dressing up.Read more at:red formal dress | white evening dresses

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