Tips For Living With A Puppy

Have you recently introduced a new member to your family? Getting a puppy is an exciting time for the first couple of days at least. Everyone is super excited to meet the new addition, cuddle, and play with it. Then the routine sets in, and the focus on taking care of your new pet becomes a more real responsibility. While many families have this mindset from the get-go, many don’t realize the challenges that come with having a new puppy.  

One of the first things you’ll notice is that most like to whine at night. You will need some patience to get through this adjustment period. However, if you work with your puppy, the whining can subside pretty early on. There are many methods to stop this behavior. Some puppy experts lean towards the crate method being the best for puppies to get used to their space. One reason this method works so well is that as puppies, having a more confined area makes them feel more secure.  

A great tip for new puppy owners is to not let a puppy sleep in your bed, at least not right away. Puppies aren’t potty trained. So you can imagine the potential for accidents when keeping them in your bed overnight. Instead, you can either keep a crate in your bedroom or somewhere else where they have a comfy spot to sleep.  

When it comes to eating, you should moderate. Puppies, like babies, need a certain amount. But if you give in to their demands and always have food readily available, they will eat everything. Instead you should give one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening of the puppy you choose to use. Another great tip, after feeding, is prepared to take them outside. Most puppies will need to go to the bathroom right after eating. Their digestive tract is still new and works very efficiently, meaning they will need to go less than an hour after eating.  

When it comes to feeding puppies table scraps, it is advisable not to. Many have questions about what type of people food can a dog eat, including can dogs eat shrimp? Is it okay for puppies to eat steak fat, and so? Ideally, you should find a manufactured dog food brand that has wholesome ingredients to ensure they have a well-balanced diet. But for those wondering if dogs can eat shrimp; they most certainly can.

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