2264. T.R english kavithai long sms

T.R english kavithai long sms
Wish you Great JAN, Lovable FEB, Amazing MAR, Foolish APR, Pleasant MAY, Booming JUN, Superb JUL, Free AUG, Tastiest SEP, Chill OCT, Beautiful NOV, HappiT.R English kavidhai..One day i told my love to HEMA,she told AAMASo i took her to CINEMA.Later one day she told NO MA.I asked WHY MAshe told that est DEC advance wish u happy new year:-)her MAMAsaid to her AMMA” I loveHEMA”and i went to COMA.Later i realised that love is a DRAMAand girls are SUMMA SUMMA SUMMA Hey Dandanakka

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