Ask Any Girl

Being hurt by the one you love
It’s a feeling that’s hard to hide
But you don’t seem to understand why
When I’m alone, I sit and cry

Ask any girl who’s often left alone
All by herself
Neglectfully pushed aside,
Set aside like a doll on a shelf
Just ask any girl (any girl)
Ooh, then you’ll understand why
I sit and cry

Ask any girl who knows the fear
Of losing someone dear
And she’ll say the same thing
It hurts you deep,
Makes it hard to sleep
Don’t take my word
Ask any girl (any girl)
Then you’ll understand why
I sit and cry

(La la la, la la la la la la la la, la la la, la la la)

Ask any girl who receives
No love and affection
And she’ll feel as I feel
It’s heartaches by the number
Many nights without slumber
Ask any girl
Ooh, then you’ll know why
I sit and cry
I sit and cry

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