Dan Y Dwr

Dan y dwr
This is the Welsh language spoken in Wales in the British Isles. Tanslation to Right

(Beneath the Waters)

Dan y dwr, taweluch sydd Beneath the waters, it is silent
Dan y dwr, galwaf i Beneath the waters, I call you
Nid yw’r swm gyda fi There is no company with me.

Dan y dwr, taweluch an byth Beneath the waters, silence for ever,
Dan y dwr, galwaf i Beneath the waters, I call you.
Nid yw’r swm ddim fwy gyda fi. The sound is no longer with me.

"Beneath the waters… the village Capel Celyn. This village in Wales was submerged, against much protest and struggle by its inhabitants, in order to accomodate a resevoir. This is a lament for the loss of Capel Celyn, memories now held beneath the water." (From the liner notes on the re-release of _The Celts_)
Some misspellings in the original posting have been corrected.

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