I get delirious whenever U’re near
Lose all self-control, baby, just can’t steer
Wheels get locked in place
Get a stupid look on my face
When it comes 2 makin’ a pass, pretty mama
I just can’t win a race
Cuz I get delirious
I get delirious when U hold my hand
Body gets so weak I can hardly stand
My temperature’s runnin’ hot
Baby, U got 2 stop
Cuz if U don’t I’m gonna explode
And girl I’ve got a lot
I get delirious, yeah
I get delirious whenever U’re near
Girl, U gotta take control cuz I just can’t steer
U’re just 2 much 2 take
I can’t stop, I ain’t got no brakes
Girl, U gotta take me 4 a little ride up and down
In and out around your lake
I’m delirious
U, U, U get me delirious
Baby, lay me down
The room, the room, the room is spinnin’ around, oh yeah
(Delirious) {repeat in BG}
I..I..I..I’m deliri… oh yeah, oh I, oh I, yeah
Delirious, yeah
It’s got me in repair, everybody look out
Everybody will know
Oh yeah, I’m delirious
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
(Delirious) {x5}
(Little Red Corvette)
Right down 2 the ground (Honey, U got 2 slow down)
U, U, U got 2 slow down
(Little Red Corvette)
U’re movin’ much 2 fast, 2 fast
Need 2 find a love that’s gonna last!
Girl, U got an ass like I never seen, ow!
And the ride…
I say the ride is so smooth, U must be a limousine
Baby, U’re much 2 fast
Little Red Corvette
U need a love, U need a love that’s, uh, that’s gonna last
(Little Red Corvette)
Babe, U got 2 slow down (U got 2 slow down)
Little Red Corvette
Cuz if U don’t, cuz if U don’t
U’re gonna run your body right into the ground (Right into the ground)
Right into the ground (Right into the ground)
Right into the ground (Right into the ground)
Little Red Corvette, oh

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