Got To Get It

see what i wanna do
i dont if i can say what i wanna do
May be i can

Do i have to grab the back of your neck to make you listen to me
Do you have to see me flashing that doll
Or waving my can i get a hit of you
Whats up whats up c’mon i like to touch i got to figure out if your down because ……..

I got to get it
you wont forget me
Kiss you under your navel
I’ll go were he wont go
I got to get got to get it
just let me hit just let me hit it
I’ll kiss the lips under your navel i bet he wont go were i go
Baby i could be a better man better yet a gentleman
fly you to japan and back again, spend a week in Portorico
baby wait ’till im finito ‘coz i feel it that i got to get a hit of you whats up whats up c’mon i like to f***k i got to figure out if your down because……


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