Hash Pipe

I can’t help my feelings (or the hole in my mind/ I’ll go out of my mind)
(These players/ spares/ bears / This band’s) come to get me cause they like my behind
I (fail at/ can’t love) my business if I can’t get a (drink/ trick)
Down on Santa Monica where tricks are for kids
Oh come on and kick me
Whoa come on and kick me
Whoa come on and kick me
You got your problems
I got my (a** wipe/ eyes wide/ white)
You got your big (cheese/ g’s)
I got my hash pipe
I can’t help my boogies they get out of control
I know that you don’t care but I want you to know
The kneestocking flavor is a favorite treat
Of men who don’t bother with the taste of a teat

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